Monday 2 November 2020 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm Jackie Wilson   Lonely Teardrops Lonely Teardrops/Blue Nght Brunswick
10:04pm Murderous Vision   Breaking The Bonds Of Light Abscission Live Bait Recording Foundation
10:05pm Yoko Ono   Walking On Thin Ice Walking On Thin Ice - For John Geffin
10:11pm Lamps   Learned Hopelessness Under The Water Under The Ground In The Red Records
10:14pm Sonics Rendevous Band   City Slang (Mono) City Slang Orchide
10:22pm The Lewd   Dressed in Black Kill Yourself: Again Demolition Derby
10:24pm Big Boys and the Dicks   Suicide Note Recorded Live at Raul's Club Rat Race Records
10:26pm T.S.O.L.   Code Blue Dance with Me Frontier
10:28pm Big Boys and the Dicks   Psycho Recorded Live at Raul's Club Rat Race Records
10:32pm Skin Graft   Black Lung Dirge A Sound Design Recording - A Mistake By The Lakes
10:36pm Jackson-Pratt   Love Deluxxe Deep In The Night, I'm Lost In Love Oxen
10:42pm RLW   1 of 50 Locked Grooves RRR 1000 RRRecords
10:56pm Sshe Retina Stimulants   Attrattore Dendritico Krionika Soshiki Urashima
11:01pm YOGA   Encante Megafauna Holy Mountain
11:06pm Necrosorcery   Crypt of Bewitchment S/t Forbidden Sonority
11:10pm Akhlys   Tides Of Oneric Darkness The Dreaming I Debemur Morti
11:15pm Heretic Grail   Serpents Reign Gleaming Spite Fusty Cunt
11:33pm Wagner Odegard   Nydagh Om Undergang Och De Tretton Jartekn Klaxon Records
11:37pm Dimhymn   Djavulens Tid Ar Kommen Djavulens Tid Ar Kommen Turannum Records
11:45pm Geld   Blood Circle Beyond The Floor Static Shock
11:47pm Blazing Eye   Handcuffed In a Grave Ways to Die Static Shock
11:49pm Arson   Never Suffer Savage Butchery
11:51pm Gaffer   Hang Demo Helta Skelta
11:54pm Clock of Time   Rotten Master Pestilent Planet Static Shock
11:57pm Lifelover   Nasta Gryning Pulver Osmose Productions
12:04am The Azusa Plane   Cheltenham Part One Cheltenham Ochre
12:18am Qumran Orphics   Live At The Blank Club 5/22/10 Carlton Melton/Qumran Orphics Self Release MANufactured by Pirates Press
12:40am Nital Etch   Obsolescence Simulacrum No Part of It
12:45am Imaginary Softwoods   Aura Show Annual Flowers In Color Amethyst Sunset
12:57am De Sang Froid   Nostalgia Vox Dei Mannequin Records
1:00am Trou   Onwards, to Muspellsheimr Grjothaugr No Part of It
1:10am Francisco Lopez   1 of 50 Locked Grooves RRR 1000 RRRecords
1:11am Kevin Drumm   Relief B Relief Editions Mego
1:19am Crawl Unit   Two Fragments & an Apology Crawl Unit / R.H.Y Yau - Japan 08:98 Povertech Industries
1:29am John Duncan   Dance First Recordings 1978-1985 Vinyl on Demand
1:37am Metal Preyers   Metal Preyers Metal Preyers Nyege Nyege Tapes
1:58am The Bobbettes   I Shot Mr. Lee #1 Bobbettes The Ultimate Collection, The Titanic Records