Monday 7 December 2020 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Braden Diotte   Movement I General Manifest East Imperial Noise
10:20pm Sick Bees   Saguaro Lighter Sunset/Saguaro Lighter Rx Remedy
10:23pm Opus   Good Proceedures Proceedures Meat House
10:26pm Powerplant   a Spine a Spine / Evidence Static Shock
10:30pm Kalishnakov   Laederhalse Kalishnikov Adult Crash
10:31pm Terra Soror   Creature Revenge Self Release
10:38pm Gaffer   Stop Gaffer Helta Skelta
10:39pm Cold Meat   Self Care Ubik Helta Skelta
10:42pm Coughin' Vicars   Redefined Zero Post Omission Overtures Self Released
10:45pm Chain Cut   Noise & Regret Isolated Discos Punk
10:48pm Clock of Time   Companion Pestilent Planet Static Shock
10:51pm Sixx   Is My Name Sister Devil Nuclear War Now! Product
10:58pm Von   Veadtuck Satanic Blood Nucllear War Now!
11:02pm Kult Offenzivy   Neurodna Je V Teto Chvili Rec Tak Jsem Ji Prizval K Sobe New Era Productions
11:08pm Occelensbrigg   Gathering The Cold of Many Winters Frostbitten Cleansing Harvest of Death
11:18pm Ljain   Ur Vanskopuoum Draumum Endasalmar Og Klofnar Tungur Signal Rex
11:23pm Revenant Marquis   a Pox Upon The Moonlit Cross Anti Universal Compassion New Era Productions
11:28pm Yoga   Seventh Mind Megafauna Holy Mountain
11:32pm Haare   Brain Brain Aussaat
11:40pm Jackson-Pratt   Faces Shine Deep In The Night, I'm Lost In Love Oxen
11:43pm The Exhumanations   Untitled a Side Organ Harvestings 1-10 Chondritic Sound
12:15am Heretic Grail   a Wolf Gone Astray (lyrics By JFK) Gleaming Spite Fusty Cunt
12:26am Chris Brown   Master Switch Master Switch Electroacoustic Insignificant Records
12:44am Drose   A Loss boy man machine+ Computer Students
12:50am Six Organs of Admittance   Wolves' Pup Sun Awakens, The Drag City
12:56am G.I.S.M.   Syphilitic Vaginas to Pieces Detestation & More Gomad
1:01am Kuka'ilimoku   Nourishment S/t Nihilistic Noise Propaganda
1:04am Prosanctus Inferi   Viscuous Enthropic Ennui Red Streams of Flesh Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:07am Death Yell   Confessions After Death Morbid Rites Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:13am Deception Bay   For the Season Deception Bay N/A
1:17am Death In June & Les Joyaux De La Princesse   Ostenmarsch Ostenbraun Fedetfinisaborigine
1:23am Flooded Church of Asmodeus   The Willing Followers of HIM Part 1 Willing Followers of HIM, The New Era Productions
1:37am Mark Korven   Into The Light Lighthouse, The Milan Records
1:40am Death in June   Frost Flowers Take Care and Control World Serpent Dist.
1:43am Braden Diotte   Movement III General Manifest East Imperial Noise