Monday 11 January 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Ut   Safe Burning Griller Blast First
10:04pm Ultra Bide   Kill Me Tender Let's Go to War Alternative Tentacles
10:07pm Uglyhead   Holy Ghost Transparanoia
10:11pm Us Christmas   Gallows Humor Bad Heart Bull Play The Assassin
10:16pm Distance Machine   The-setting-and-the-fire Setting and The Fire, The Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.
10:19pm Morwan   "Chernge Solntse" = Black Sun Zola-Zemlya Feel It Records
10:22pm Unholy Triforce   Cru/cifict/ion Cru/cifict/ion Auris Apothecary
10:34pm Horrid Red   Still Suffering Radiant Life Soft Abuse
10:37pm Sissy Spacek   UUU RRR EEE Featureless Thermal Equilibrium Helicopter
10:38pm The Undead   I Want You Dead Nine Toes Later Prank
10:45pm Arson   Savage Butchery Savage Butchery Self Released
10:47pm Unholy Grave   Fanaticism Fanaticism EP Self Produced
10:49pm Vaccine   Four Walls Dead Inside Painkiller Records
10:49pm Vaccine   Empty Dead Inside Painkiller Records
10:50pm Unexamine   Oculolinctus (for Pukimasa Okada) Carnal Opponents No Brothers Oxen
10:54pm Usnea   Chaoskampf Usnea Orca Wolf
11:06pm Urfaust   Akt 1. II: Verraterischer, Nichtswurdiger Geist GoatowaRex
11:17pm Outre   Let The Earth Be Silent Hollow Earth Debumur Morti
11:24pm Akhyls   Somniloquy Milinoe Debumur Morti
11:31pm Akhyls   Pnigalion Milinoe Debumur Morti
11:47pm Crimson Moon   Funeral Begotten Mors Omnia Vincit Debumur Morti
11:56pm Crimson Moon   Tempus Fugit (Outro) Mors Omnia Vincit Debumur Morti
11:58pm Occelensbrigg   Gathering The Cold of Many Winters Frostbitten Cleansing Harvest of Death
12:04am Occelensbrigg   Under a Polar Sun Frostbitten Cleansing Harvest of Death
12:09am Ural Umbo   Ghost Cell Fog Tapes Hinterzimmer
12:12am Nathaniel Mackey   an Excerpt From Lone Coast Anacrusis Stray: Graphic Tone, a Fonograf Editions
12:21am Sshe Retina Stimulants   Dissoluzione Ormonale Krionika Soshiki Urashima
12:28am Severed Heads   Subjective Clean Dark Entries
12:32am Sshe Retina Stimulants   Stasi Metabolica Krionika Soshiki Urashima
12:35am Necrosorcery   Necromantic Lust S/t Forbidden Sonority
12:38am Strzepy   I Smierc We Mnie, Nicosc Poza Mna Dead Body Temple
12:45am Vermin Scourge   Ritual Decimation Nuclear Death March Forbidden Sonority
12:55am Kuka'ilimoku   Nourishment S/t Nihilistic Noise Propaganda
12:58am Haare   Electric Buddha Brain Aussaat
1:03am United Bible Studies & Van Wissem, Jozef   Downland Downland Incunabulum
1:12am Hauras   ludwigshafen in these coming days Helen Scarsdale Agency
1:12am Hauras   the rollout in these coming days Helen Scarsdale Agency
1:16am Timothy Leary/Dj Cheb I Sabbah   Why Are You Here? Underwood Three Sub Rosa
1:28am Iron Fist of The Sun   Hessianmud Live At The Garage 2011 Cold Spring Records UK
1:35am Factums   Looking For The Armpit of a Snake A Primitive Future Assophon