Sunday 14 February 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:04pm Lunate   Somos El Panoptico Medula 100% Silk
10:09pm Keiko Higuchi   My Funny Valentine Ephemeral As Petals Utech Records
10:16pm Kenny Salmon   Theme for Two Lovers Romantic Relaxation Bosworth
10:26pm Paul Piot   L'amour et L'enfes Dance and Mood Music (V 4) Chappell 304
10:20pm Jack Dieval   Musique pour Deux Dance and Mood Music Chappell
10:24pm Sadaff   Lover's Paradise Emotion Inc
10:31pm Gerard Gustin   Semiramis My Love Timing No4 Orley
10:32pm Yan Tregger   French Love Theme Stories Monparnasse ( MP 58)
10:35pm B. Ebbinghouse   Love in a City Romantic Strings (and a piano) Bosworth(BLP 146)
10:38pm Daniel J White   Cherie Love Me Mystere Bleute Montparnasse (MP 112)
10:41pm Reinecke   Romantic Theme Dramatic Activity Conroy (BMLP 144)
10:45pm Sam Fonteyn   The Lovers of Paris Patterns in Pop Boosey and Hawkes (SBH 3018)
10:50pm DANIEL J. WHITE   Amour Toujours Amour Mystere Bleute Montparnasse (MP112)
10:53pm Roger Roger   Romantic Blue Chappell Chappell (CAL 4010)
10:56pm Charles Williams   The Lovers Chappell Chappell (LPC 758-763)
11:02pm G. Boneschi   Love Theme in Blue Electronic Mood (New Times V2) Orly (SBV 322)
11:05pm Sweet Valentine Turn On Golden Ring
11:08pm G. Boneschi   Romantic Ballad Electronic Mood (New Times V2) Orly (SBV322)
11:10pm DuBois   You Call It Madness I Call It Love Emotion Inc
11:17pm Peter Reno   Love Restless Woman De Wolfe (DW 3196)
11:19pm David Perian   Crazy Love in Minor Happy and Crazy Music Chappell (CHA 002)
11:24pm Hors-Phase Strange Love Nation Chappell ( CHA 006)
11:26pm Kitten on the Keys   Pony Girl Pretty Princess Day Rug Burn Records
11:28pm Joe Frank   Adam and Eve God Only Knows
11:39pm Robert Farnon   Twos Company Chappell Chappell (LPC 1060)
11:41pm Scanner   S& M and Bondage Conversation Ash 1.2 N/A
11:50pm Mythical Proportions 2012 Seattle Film Festival
11:56pm Paul Piot   Trinidad, Espagne, et Autres Dance and Mood Music V4 Chappell (DMM 304)
11:57pm Charles Boyd   Vanishing Without a Trace Douchebag Zombie PIAS
12:04am The Little People Lights Out
12:31am V. Kristoff   Body of Work Sydra Not Not Fun Records
12:34am KMRU   Canthenta Opaquer Dagoretti Records
12:44am Shadwa Ali   Requiem For a Grief Alternate African Reality Syrphe
12:47am Joseph Bishara   Muted Whisperings Insidious Void Recordings
12:48am Joseph Bishara   Leave This Vessel Insidious Void Recordings
12:49am Sshe Retina Stimulants   Dissoluzione Ormonale Krionika Soshiki Urashima
12:50am Computer   MALICIOUS MALLWARE American Digital Prayer Skrot Up
12:56am 156   Ode to Pazzuzu an Accidental Exorcism No Part of It
1:01am Thirteen Hurts   Apnea Threshold No Part of It
1:07am Thirteen Hurts   Fallout Chemtrails No Part of It
1:10am Popiel   Moc Nuclear Death March Forbidden Sonority
1:14am Old Castle   Trial In The Hoodoos Old Castle Alrealon Musique
1:18am Distance Machine   The-setting-and-the-fire Setting and The Fire, The Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.
1:26am Imaginary Softwoods   Aura Show Annual Flowers In Color Amethyst Sunset
1:38am Gualdron, Andres Y Los Animales Blancos   Larvas Ciervo De Dos Cabezas Matik-Matik
1:42am Hugo   Pimpin' Ain't Easy Haze, Jay Fabric 47 Fabric Records
1:45am Lee Fields & The Expressions   It Still Gets Me Down Emma Jean Truth & Soul
1:49am Sweetback   Gaze Paradisiac 3 Universal
1:56am Moor Mother   Time Float Fetish Bones Don Giovanni Records
1:59am Fauna Flash   Kiss (Natural High Productions Street of Zurich Mix) Velvet Strings Compost