Monday 15 February 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:02pm The Vibrations   So Blue So Blue, Love Me Like You Should Checker
10:04pm Derelicts   Fight & Mr. Fuckerman Double 7 " Single Sub Pop Records
10:05pm Vacation Club   Daydream Daydream/Forest Babe Randy! Records
10:12pm The Original Sins   Just 14 Bar/None Records
10:15pm Derelicts   I Don't Wanna Live Double 7 " Single Sub Pop Records
10:17pm Reagan Youth   Degenrated (Original Radical Version) Reagan Youth Athems Cleopatra Records
10:19pm Gaffer   Hang Gaffer Helta Skelta
10:25pm Arson   Skin Scratch Savage Butchery Self Released
10:28pm Terra Soror   Cannibal Thing Revenge Self Release
10:32pm Flipper   (I Saw You) Shine Public Flipper Ltd CBS Records
10:41pm Tile   Prick Of Misery Tile Kult Of Nihilow
10:47pm Pro Et Contra   The Gift Pro Et Contra Pataphysique Records
11:00pm Black To Comm   The Soba Noodle Incident Black To Comm Trensmat
11:07pm The Stranglers   Bear Cage Bear Cage UA
11:10pm Uranium Club   Grease Monkey Cosmo Cleaners: The Higher Calling of Business Provocateurs Static Shock
11:19pm Tile   Poseidon Tile Kult Of Nihilow
11:22pm Depressor   Intro Book of The Dead S
11:23pm Depressor   Lord of The Flesh Book of The Dead S
11:29pm Warthog   Coward Warthog SSR
11:33pm Otophobia   Stare Otophobia/ Reason of Insanity Burrito Records
11:34pm Otophobia   Mumia Otophobia/ Reason of Insanity Burrito Records
11:35pm Deranged   Orgy of Infanticide Exposed Corpses Part 2. Confession Continues, the Or
11:37pm Geld   Burning Hammer Geld SSR
11:49pm Geld   Breaking On The Wheel Geld SSR
11:40pm Despise You   Guilty View Pcp Scapegoat Theologian
11:42pm Decieverion   By Her Dark Caress Despondent Paragon Records
11:56pm Virulent Specter   Tortured In Grotesque Rituals Of Satan's Perversion Upon a Dead and Derelict Throne Black Gangrene
12:02am Paysage D'Hiver   Teil: Tiefe Kerker Kunsthall Produktionen
12:12am Paysage D'Hiver   Teil: Schritte Kerker Kunsthall Produktionen
12:23am Pandiscordian Necrogenesis   End Supernal Outer Supernal Gilead
12:28am Evilfeast   In Umbra Refugiis Luminem ersecrari Evil Feast / Uuntar Heidens Hart / New Era
12:35am Outre   Aberrations Hollow Earth Debumur Morti
12:40am Kult Offenzivy   Neurodna Je V Teto Chvili Rec Tak Jsem Ji Prizval K Sobe New Era Productions
12:47am Akhlys   Ephialtes Melinoe Debumur Morti
12:56am Kuka'ilimoku   Nourishment S/t Nihilistic Noise Propaganda
1:00am Revenant Marquis   Spectres of Pneumonia Anti Universal Compassion New Era Productions
1:04am Qumran Orphics   Live At The Blank Club Carlton Melton Mid-To-Late Records
1:24am Vincent Presley   3 Music To Die To Secret Records
1:31am Yevgeny Yevtushenko   Procession With The Madonna In Readings From His New York and San Francisco Concerts Columbia
1:37am Death in June   Holy Water State Laughter Nbr Records
1:41am Blank Hellscape   Concrete Walls Wolf Eyes / Blank Hellscape 12XU