Witch Grail

Monday 15 March 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Rusalka   Sinking Blood Deep Base Waters Absurd Exposition
10:09pm Terje Jesper Og Jaochim   Between The Shields Terje Jesper Og Jaochim Little Wing
10:13pm Trumans Water   Shower Stopper Shower Stopper Shower Stopper Yeah Godspeed The Static Drunken Fish
10:17pm Gluearms   Mental Gluearms Satic Age
10:21pm Rudimentary Peni   Crazed Couplet Cacophony Other Himalayan Records
10:25pm Bombardment   Summoning Flames Bombardment EP Destructure
10:27pm Sect Mark   Ladder Worship Iron Lung Records
10:28pm Sect Mark   Moth Worship Iron Lung Records
10:29pm MXLX   Diasastrchasr At Time Temple Kinda Rad! Records
10:41pm Rotting Sky   Tyrants of Sedation Sedation Black Horizons
10:53pm Thoabath   Drown III Drown Neural Operations
11:09pm Thuja   Untitled III Hills Rose Hobart
11:15pm MXLX   Bad Sigil At Time Temple Kinda Rad! Records
11:21pm Alain Pierre   Notions De Physique Interieure O Sidarta Finders Keepers
11:43pm Yevgeny Yevtushenko   Monologue of a Broadway Actress (as read by Viveca Lindfors) In Readings From His New York and San Francisco Concerts Columbia
11:47pm Harglow   Exorcisms On Acid Harglow Burning Witches Records
11:50pm Propeller   1 Oro Scratch
11:53pm Propeller   2 Oro Scratch
11:55pm Ben Frost   Venter (HTRK Remix) Variant bedroom community
12:03am Blank Hellscape   Concrete Walls Wolf Eyes / Blank Hellscape 12XU
12:20am Voreus   Descending Into The Infernal Abyss Proclamation, The Sentient Ruin Laboratories
12:25am Terrorama   The Omnipotence Paradox Omnipotence Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:29am Von   Satanic Blood Satanic Blood Angel Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:32am Tomhet   Djarve Hals Kvav Eklipsens Hord Och Karavan/Apokalypsimz Legend Demos GoatowaRex
12:41am Proclamation   Unholy Wine of Fornication Messiah of Darkness and Impurity Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:45am Blasphemy   Empty Chalice Gods Of War Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:48am Credo In Deum   Path of The Fierce Beast (excerpt) Blood Soaked Sand No Part of It
12:54am Speech After The Removal of The Larynx   Esophageal Voice By Telephone Speech After The Removal of The Larynx Fantome Phonographique
1:01am Ferg Ferg & London, Robert   Minera1 Se Qui Self Release
1:04am Tetsuo (soundtrack)   A Burned Figure Tetsuo A Disc
1:08am Death in June   Till The iving Flesh Is Burned Guilty Have no Pride, the Shanachie
1:20am Angelo Badalamenti   Mr Roque/Betty's Theme Mulholland Drive Milan
1:24am Mrakats Chamber Choir of Nagorno Karabagh   Alagyaz Yev Kezi Mernim (I Would Die For The Mountain Alag Fortress City Armenian Songs From Nagorno Karabagh Pomegranate Music
1:30am Rafael Toral   Wave Field 5 Wave Field Drag City
1:47am Vincent Presley   3 Music To Die To Secret Records