Teachers AIDS

Saturday 24 April 2021 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Ved Buens Ende   Remembrance of Things Past Written In Waters Candlelight USA
3:12pm Ved Buens Ende   to Swarm Deserted Away Written In Waters Candlelight USA
3:12pm Hildur Guonadottir   Bridge of Death Chernobyl Deutsche Grammophon
3:17pm Dolorian   Hidden / Rising s/t Wounded Love
3:27pm Jianhong Li   Wanghai Gang Wanghai Gang Utech Records
3:27pm Dodheimsgard   21st Century Devil Supervillain Outcast Moonfog
3:32pm Dhampyr   Waltz of The Salivating Avalanche Oceanclots Acephale Winter Productions
3:43pm Tom Weeks & Corder   The Pit Diamondback Makeshift Encounters
3:43pm Wrnlrd   Mucus & Fire / Procession of Slugs Mask of Hate Order of The Cloven Eye
3:54pm Jurgen Paape   Well, It's Paape Kompakt Total 18 Kompakt Schallplatten
3:55pm Wrnlrd   Grave Dowser Death Drive Fss
3:57pm Diamatregon   Blasphemy for Satan Blasphemy for Satan Tumult
4:01pm Black Vice   Negation Enthroned/nto the Abyssal Empty Void Black Vice / Haunter Red River Family
4:11pm Skag Arcade   Cambodian Necktie Look of Silence, The Orb Tapes
4:18pm Blackdeath   Intro I/ Der Hammer des Steinernen Molochs Gift Heidens Hart
4:25pm Quietus   Posthemorrhagic Volume Five Ever / Never
4:26pm A.M.S.G.   Astral Projections Of Lucifer Hostis Universi Generis Inferna Profundus Records
4:42pm NehruvianDOOM   Great Things Sound of The Son Lex Records
4:42pm Vonlaus   Af Olyfjan Og Drykkju Roo Slaemra Akvaroana Mystiskaos
4:46pm Verivala   Liekkeihin Voittomme Autistiartili Records
4:50pm Proclamation   Nocturnal Damnation Messiah of Darkness and Impurity Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:56pm Mysteryman   Granular Microscopic Warefare EP Swell Records
4:56pm Pest   Nebel Ara Heidens Hart / NWN!
5:03pm Diapsiquir   Kmkz A.N.T.I. End All Life Productions
5:14pm Steve Moore   Incremental Progress Bliss Relapse Records
5:15pm Haat   Harteloos Verderf s/t New Era Productions
5:18pm Legion of Andromeda   Scourge of Pestilence Iron Scorn Crucial Blast
5:29pm Francisco Meirino   A A New Instability Helen Scarsdale Agency
5:29pm Gherzen   Mass Madness 1917 Der Schwarze Tod
5:45pm Haare   Phobos Tantric Noise Influencing Machine
5:45pm Hail Conjurer   Witch's Throat Dreams of Serpent Bestial Burst
5:53pm Hallucination   Ride Off In The Sun Hallucination Sentient Ruin Laboratories
5:56pm Deep Space Network & Higher Intelligence Agency   Under Water Looking Up Deep Space Network Meets Higher Intelligence Agency Source