Whine Growl

Monday 26 April 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Bruce Smeaton   Ice Cave Iceman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Southern Cross Records
10:02pm Flesh World   Here In The Dark The Wild Animals In My Life Iron Lung
10:10pm Latishia's Skull Drawing   Threshold Of Attrocity Romanticized Iron Lung
10:13pm No Statik   Numerous Fragments (Dub) What Did You Give Away When You Gave In? 25 Diamonds
10:16pm Children With Dog Feet   Commit Crimes With Me Curb Your Anarchy Toxic State
10:20pm Disguise   Signs Of The Future Signs of The Future Static Shock
10:21pm Condition   Constantly Victimized Bombed Out Rust and Machine
10:26pm Siege Column   Devil's Knights of Hell Darkside Legions Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:33pm Baxaxaxa   Hellfire Hellfire Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:39pm Gates   A Mask Hidden In Memory (ascesis Version) A Mask Hidden In Memory Hypaethral
10:41pm Gates   Vision Of Zosimos This Door Is Forbidden Hypaethral
10:42pm Gates   The Fourth Dream Deliverer/Redeemer Hypaethral
10:56pm Der Blutharsch   Untitled III The Track Of The Hunted Tesco
11:01pm Sophia   Sigillum Militum IV Sigilillum Militum Cold Meat Industry
11:06pm Cyrnai   Windmill Charred Blossoms Dark Entries
11:08pm Bruce Smeaton   Suicide?/Memories Iceman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Southern Cross Records
11:12pm Northwoods Improvisers Quartet/Quintet   Woodfire Raft Entropy Stereo Recordings
11:27pm Klaus Schulze   The Midas Hip Hop Touch Dziekuje Poland Live '83 Mig-Music
11:34pm Sleepwalker   37.8227537-122.2505281 Split Sentient Ruin
11:45pm Sutekh Hexen   ????? Split
11:54pm Sargeist   The Dark Embrace Dark Embrace, The Moribund
12:00am Gravkvade   Dodspsalm Grav|Aska Avantgarde Music
12:11am Bhleg   Slukad-Sol Odhin Nordvis
12:21am Uno Actu   Promethee Devore Nihil Est Self Released
12:24am Ovskum   Atto I Atto I - Atto II Self Released
12:27am MXLX   666 Quest / Zone Away At Time Temple Kinda Rad! Records
12:42am The Cedars of Lebanon   Return of The Defeated Archive Limited Warfare
12:49am Haare   Spirits Tantric Noise Influencing Machine
12:58am Francisco Meirino   A A New Instability Helen Scarsdale Agency
1:12am Blood Rhythms   Wheel of Anguish Universe Spills Out of a Spider's Bowels, The No Part of It
1:29am Frkse   God's Prison Yard of Converts Desecration Anxiety II Iron Lung Records
1:31am Ben Frost   Apokalypse Dark Original Soundtrack Invada Records
1:34am Craven Faults   Hard Level Force Enclosures The Leaf Label Ltd.
1:55am Guaxe   Rio Abaixo Guaxe Overseas Artist Recordings