Reject Girl

Friday 4 June 2021 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:03pm Amebix   The Moor Arise Alternative Tentacles
7:04pm Alice Bag   Spark Sister Dynamite In The Red Records
7:07pm Circle Jerks   Back Against the Wall Group Sex Frontier
7:08pm Vandals   Mohawk Town When in Rome Do As the Vandals National Trust Records
7:13pm Bombardment   Blood. Cash. Self-Destruction. Bombardment EP Destructure
7:16pm Membrane   Life Sum Membrane Byllepest Distro
7:19pm Violation Wound   Broken Idol Violation Wound / Ruin Fudgeworthy
7:21pm Violation Wound   You're a Wreck Violation Wound / Ruin Fudgeworthy
7:21pm MDC   Dick for Brains Millions of Dead Cops Radical Records
7:26pm Menace   G.L.C. G.L.C.-The Menace Final Vinyl Get Back
7:29pm Skids   Out of Town Masquerade Virgin
7:33pm Bangs   Southern Girls Sweet Revenge Kill Rock Stars
7:37pm Hank Wood and The Hammerheads   Look At You Use Me Toxic State
7:42pm Dead Kennedys   Police Truck Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death Alternative Tentacles
7:45pm Neighborhood Brats   We Own The Night No Sun No Tan Deranged Records
7:47pm USA/Mexico   Chorizo Del Rio 12XU
8:03pm Nomeansno   Would We Be Alive? Would We Be Alive? Alternative Tentacles
8:09pm Crisis   Holocaust No Town Hall (Southwark) Action Group Records
8:13pm Leatherface   Not a Day Goes By Mush Roughneck Records
8:15pm Marked Men   My Love Ghosts Dirtnap Records
8:17pm Punks On Mars   Hey Tiffany Bad Expectations Zoo Music
8:22pm No Statik   Mysterious to Ourselves What Did You Give Away When You Gave In? 25 Diamonds
8:24pm Bare Wires   Family Heat Seeking Love Castle Face Records
8:26pm Wet Labia   Zombie Wet Labia Kitty Play Records
8:32pm Siege Column   Funeral Fiend Darkside Legions Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:33pm T.S.O.L.   Walk Alone Beneath the Shadows Alternative Tentacles
8:36pm Shrinkwrap Killers   Its Not a Dead Body Cosmic Reef Temple/ Shrinkwrap Killers Wave Guardian
8:41pm Spike in Vain   Disorder Disease Is Relative A Scat Records
8:43pm Oily Boys   Cro Memory Grin Cro Memory Grin Static Shock
8:46pm The Subhhumans   America Commits Suicide No Wishes, no Prayers SST Records
8:48pm Tribute to Nothing   New Craze Cheap Sweaty Fun at TJ's XMAS '95
8:52pm Drunken Marksman   Dance to the Apocalypse The Decline of Mankind Armistice Records
8:56pm Crucifix   Death Toll Dehumanization Kustomized
9:00pm Disguise   800 Skulls Signs of The Future Static Shock
9:02pm Discharge   A Hell on Earth Hear Nothing See Nothing Say.. Kornyfone
9:06pm Crass   Berkertex Bribe "..." Crass Records
9:11pm Icons of Filth   Asking Too Much Used, Abused, Unamused Copus Christi Records
9:15pm Bad Sam   Alcoholic Bad Sam Armistice Records
9:18pm Undergang   Aldrig I Livet Dark Descent Records
9:23pm The Descendents   Catalina Milo Goes to College N/A
9:25pm The Stranglers   5 Minutes IV IRS Records
9:29pm The Bodies   Blue Skies Bodies, the Tk Records
9:34pm A/LPACA   Make It Better Make It Better Sulatron Records
9:37pm U.K. Subs   Lady Esquire Another Kind of Blues Gem Records
9:40pm Armistice   Conservate and Liberate Bullsheep Detector: Welsh Punk Compilation Antisocial
9:41pm Grand Collapse   Grand Collapse Grand Collapse Divergence
9:45pm The Spectrometers   Dead Soul Music Dead Soul Music Decasian Records
9:48pm Afous D'afous   Tarhanam Toussassi Tarhanine Tegla Sahelsounds
9:52pm Sshe Retina Stimulants   Pinkku, Such As A Sick Language From Above Kusa'i Influencing Machine