Sunday 6 June 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Wrnlrd   Mucus & Fire / Procession of Slugs Mask of Hate Order of The Cloven Eye
10:12pm Riccardo Luciani   Terapia Ipnotica Psyco Mood Full Records FRLP 5101
10:15pm Patrice Sciortino   Noces de l'ceau et du Feu Les Cyclopes A Charlin Disques CL 34
10:18pm Luciani   Stato Medianico Psyco Mood FRLP 5101
10:22pm Sciortino   Cristaux Les Cyclopes CL 34
10:24pm Luciani   Ansia Progressiva Psyco Mood FRLP 5101
10:30pm Barigozzi Fabor   Selenium Music Scene TRF 912
10:33pm Luciani   Pensiero Frantumato Psyco Mood FRLP 5101
10:35pm Sciortino   Rythmetis Les Cyclopes CL 34
10:39pm Barigozzi Fabor   Reanimation Music Scene - Anxious Dramatic Industrial TRF 912
10:45pm G. Boneschi   Single Track Music Scene - Light Electronic Scene MSE-118
10:50pm G. Boneschi, Donadio   Bourree d'Auvergne Music Scene - Classic and Jazz MSE-132
10:53pm Sciortino   Lumiere du la Nuit Les Cyclopes
10:56pm Mitridate   Evening Suspense Music Scene - Light Electronic Scene MSE-118
10:59pm G. Boneschi, Donadio   Menuet Poitou Music Scene - Classic and Jazz MSE-132
11:02pm Mitridate   Happy Ending Music Scene - Light Electronic Scene MSE-118
11:05pm Bruno Nicolai   Cavallo a Condolo I miei amici MPS 3011
11:07pm Donadio Boneschi   Princesse Desir Music Scene - Classic and Jazz MSE-132
11:10pm Bruno Nicolai   Il Cigno I Miei Amici MPS 3011
11:12pm Peppino de Luca   Adagio in Chiave di Paura In Chiave di Paura N. 1 SM 7007
11:17pm Bruno Nicolai   Cuccioli a Nanna I Miei Amici MPS 3011
11:20pm Giorgio Fabor   Peanoforte: Praeluduim Gli strumenti Parlano MSLP 00302
11:22pm Peppino de Luca   L'amore e la Morte In Chiave di Paura N. 1 SM 7007
11:25pm Giorgio Fabor   Carillon: Magic Carillon Gli strumenti Parlano MSLP 00302
11:27pm Bruno Nicolai   I Miei Amici I Miei Amici MPS 3011
11:30pm Giorgio Fabor   Crescendo Giallo Metempsyco
11:32pm Peppino de Luca   Sogno di Carolina In Chiave di Paura N. 1
11:34pm Giorgio Fabor   Odio Tragico Metempsyco
11:36pm Peppino de Luca   Traversando un Sogno In Chiave di Paura N. 1
11:38pm Giorgio Fabor   Insidia Metempsyco
11:44pm Bruno Nicolai   Il Leone Arrabbiato I Miei Amici
11:46pm Giorgio Fabor   Meditazione Metempsyco
11:49pm Bruno Nicolai   Damasa La Muraglia Asiatica
11:53pm Bruno Nicolai   Anatroccoli I Miei Amici
11:54pm Bruno Nicolai   Ranocchie Maldicenti I Miei Amici
11:57pm Piero Umiliani   L'Uomo e la Citta L'uomo e la Citta LRS 0059
12:00am Bruno Nicolai   Annam La Muraglia Asiatica
12:03am Gypsybyrd   The Mountain Eye of The Sun Made of Stone Recordings
12:10am The Night Air   In The Field, Found Sound (Sep 04 2011) ABC Radio National
12:38am Thuja   Untitled I Hills Rose Hobart
12:41am James Caldwell   Deep Pocket Music Pocket Music Neuma
12:48am Gavilan Rayna Russom   A Place For Us Among The Ruins (For Alyson) Secret Passage W.25th
12:55am Gates   Paramnesia A Mask Hidden In Memory Hypaethral
1:01am Frkse   Supplier Desecration Anxiety II Iron Lung Records
1:05am Controlled Death   Re-quiem Carnem III Requiem For The Boundless Flesh Urashima
1:11am Rehmeier, Adam (Bunny Game)   Program a Bunny Game Original Soundtrack Rising Beast Recordings
1:16am Stalebirth   Epistle Motherfuck(her) Self Release
1:24am Sshe Retina Stimulants   Kusa'i An Introductive Statements On Noise Debris Art Kusa'i Influencing Machine
1:28am Haare   Spirits Tantric Noise Influencing Machine
1:32am Leila   In Consideration U&I Warp Records Ltd
1:37am The Cedars of Lebanon   (Symbols) Archive Limited Warfare
1:41am Mara! with Martenitsa Choir   a Shepherd Plays (Ovchar Sviri) Sezoni Realworld
1:43am Referencered   Watching The 6 O'clock News For Your Safety Pork Recordings
1:45am NehruvianDOOM   Caskets Sound of The Son Lex Records
1:51am People Like Us   Sugar & Splice Female of The Species, The Law & Auder
1:56am Don Chicharron   Valle Snappy Little Numbers Singles Volume 2 Snappy Little Numbers
1:59am Badmarsh & Shri   Signs - Calibre Mix Bollywood EP, The Outcaste Records