Whine Girl

Monday 14 June 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm The Owl   Oymyakon #46 Hibernation Owl Ripper Recordings
10:10pm Spike in Vain   No Name Disease Is Relative A Scat Records
10:13pm Strutter   Lunch Lady Strutter Self Release
10:14pm Wet Labia   Zombie Wet Labia Kitty Play Records
10:17pm Haram   Jihad, Jihadi Where Were You On 9/11 Toxic State Records
10:19pm White Wards   Cigarette Burns Cigarette Burns Iron Lung
10:27pm Rot In Hell   Black Edelweiss Termini Terrae Dark Empire
10:29pm Frightener   Violent Graves Frightener Chainssaw Safety
10:31pm Human Failure   Your Hope Is A Noose Crown On The Head Of A King Of Mud Sentient Ruin
10:35pm Human Failure   All Fall Crown On The Head Of A King Of Mud Sentient Ruin
10:37pm Decoherence   Torsion Formed Unitarity Sentient Ruin
10:44pm Coffin Lurker   Sacrificial Chalice Foul and Defiled Sentient Ruin
10:55pm Frater Ximenes Is Dead   Intro / IV Demo II Fragile Branch
11:16pm The Owl   Ittoqqortoormiit #46 Hibernation Owl Ripper Recordings
11:21pm Der Blutharsch   Untitled Track of The Hunted, The Wir Kapitulieren Niemals
11:26pm Lingua Ignota   Days of Tears and Mourning Caligula Profound Lore Records
11:30pm Ragk   Aluminum, Duct Tape, and Paper Tubes Reaching Far Above The Tower I Built Is Falling Over Again and I'm Going To..,the Aberrant Recordings
11:41pm Nihill   Pulsus Grond Hydra Head
11:53pm Agonanist   Plumes Cynicism of Solitude, The Transylvanian Tapes
12:01am Ovskum   Untitled IV Atto I - Atto II Insikt
12:10am Ekin Fil   Blowing Coda Helen Scarsdale Agency
12:18am Bruce Smeaton   Breakout Iceman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Southern Cross
12:19am Hungry Ghost   Quechua Click Maimana Casque Galivant Media
12:24am Graves At Sea   History of Sickness History of Sickness NecroCave Recordings
12:36am The Owl   Kerguelen #46 Hibernation Owl Ripper Recordings
12:42am Acanthus   Isa's Ceremony Le Frisson Des Vampires Finders Keepers Records
12:43am Urine Cop   Purple I / C18H21NO3 Lean Hard Fusty Cunt
12:50am Miralia/Stranahan Duo   The Whales Reach Sagittarius a S/t Self Release
1:02am The Owl   Iqaluit #46 Hibernation Owl Ripper Recordings
1:04am Blood Rhythms   Flaming Wound Universe Spills Out of a Spider's Bowels, The No Part of It
1:15am Sophia   Sigillum Militum Part IX Sigillum Militum Cold Meat Industry
1:22am Exhaustion   Moon Out Tonight Future Eaters Aarght! Records
1:28am Ensemble Economique   Night Escape On Water Standing Still, Facing Forward Amish Records
1:37am Love of The Farthest   Destratification Destratification Utech