Whine Growl

Monday 12 July 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Echo and the Bunnymen   The Killing Moon Seven Seas Korova Records
10:05pm Lonely Moans   Walk Down Lonely Moans Tupelo Recording Co.
10:11pm Acanthus   Flightless Bird Le Frisson Des Vampires Finders Keepers Records
10:14pm Heathen Shame   Untitled 3 Heathen Shame Twisted Village
10:24pm Vortex Empath Xen/Moira Scar   Doom Romance Between Worlds Bat Noise
10:27pm Killing Joke   Complications Killing Joke N/A
10:32pm Shrinkwrap Killers   Its Not a Dead Body Cosmic Reef Temple/ Shrinkwrap Killers Wave Guardian
10:34pm Pobreza Mental   Tormenta Ya No Pertenzco Toxic State
10:38pm Membrane   Circle of Manipulation Membrane Byllepest Distro
10:39pm Rot In Hell   Termini Terrae Termini Terrae Dark Empire Records
10:49pm Couch Slut   Replacement Addiction My Life As a Woman Handshake Inc
10:54pm Couch Slut   Carpet Farmer My Life As a Woman Handshake Inc
11:00pm Portal   Swarth Swarth Invictus Productions
11:03pm Disforterror   The Armoured Bestial Black Goat War Impalement and Holocaust Stench Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:07pm Cthonica   The Bonds of Infernal Abhorrence Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore, The Sentient Ruin Laboratories
11:18pm Nihill   Aard (The Fermentation of Sol and Luna In The Black... Grond Hydra Head Records
11:32pm Ovskum   Untitled III Atto I - Atto II Insikt
11:36pm Gronde   Volition Of Perdition Gronde Impious Desecration Records
11:40pm Burnt Skull   Infinite Flesh Sewer Birth 12XU (Austin, TX)
11:45pm Siege Column   Speed of Omen Winds Darkside Legions Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:50pm Lawrence English   Antarctica Viento TAIGA Records
12:00am Culver   Untitled side b Plague Hand Matching Head
12:21am Specimens   THE WRESTLER Sculptures First Terrace Records
12:32am Straight Panic   Bug Chaser God Is The Giver of The Gift No Rent Records
12:41am Controlled Death   Untitled (B4) Symphony for the Black Murder Urashima
12:43am Joe Colley   Untitled Disasters of Self Crippled Intellect Prods.
12:50am Crowhurst   Death Rattle Everyone Is Guilty Sol Y Nieve
1:00am Murderous Vision   Banishment Invokation Black Hellebore - a Quiver of Arrows Phage Tapes
1:03am Plague Organ   Orphan (side 2) Orphan Sentient Ruin
1:22am Chris Corsano   Why Should You Watch The Striker's Bat? Young Cricketer, The Family Vineyard
1:24am Dark Day   Heroine (Coronation of The Queen of The Cannibal Isles) Darkest Before Dawn Dark Entries
1:29am Heinrich Dressel   The Dawn From The Top of The Hill Mons Testaceum Mannequin Records
1:35am Ekin Fil   Unforgotten Coda Helen Scarsdale Agency
1:40am Murmer   Interlude [Tengmalm's Owl] Framework 1-4 Herbal International
1:44am Nurse With Wound   Swansong Missing Sense, a World Serpent Dist.