Monday 19 July 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm R.O.A.R.   Nothing Can't Hurt Me Pathetique Aesthetique President Gator
10:02pm Ritual Howls   Cemetery Guards Ritual Howls Urinal Cake
10:07pm God Equals Genocide   You're Different Rattled Minds Razorcake
10:10pm Dollhouse   Die So Pretty First Day of Spring, The Toxic State
10:13pm Children With Dog Feet   Commit Crimes With Me Curb Your Anarchy Toxic State
10:16pm Crazy Spirit   Crying Mother Crazy Spirit Toxic State
10:18pm Arabella   a Radium Dial Arabella Spacement
10:21pm Grizzly Man (soundtrack)   Bear Fight Grizzly Man Cooking Vinyl USA
10:27pm Kalieidoscope   Soft Cage After The Futures Toxic State
10:29pm Krallice   Quadripartite Mirror Realm Go Be Forgotten Gilead
10:37pm Skravl   Untitled I Skravl - War Is Aer Legion Blotan
10:45pm Krallice   Ground Prayer Go Be Forgotten Gilead
10:55pm Decoherence   Metastable Phase Transition Unitarity Sentient Ruin
11:06pm Dying In Your Beauty Sleep   ShotHimOnceAndThoughtToMyselfWhyNotKeepShooting? 9,999 Ways to Die Resident Records
11:09pm War Is Aer   Untitled II Skravl - War Is Aer Legion Blotan
11:18pm Gog   A Promised Eternity Filled With Cancer Ironworks Utech Records
11:24pm Frater Ximenes Is Dead   Intro / IV Demo II Fragile Branch
11:35pm Aaron Cupples   Sand Return Island The The Hungry Ghosts Pan
11:39pm Controlled Bleeding   Bones Knees and Bones Artoffact
12:00am Crowhurst   The Mute Memory-loss Ivory Antler
12:15am Lingua Ignota   Faithful Servant Friend of Christ Caligula Profound Lore Records
12:16am Damaar   Preaching For Mass Suicide Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:22am Friendship   Plague Undercurrent Southern Lord Recordings
12:25am Aad Sleck   Give It Awa Aad Sleck Legion Blotan
12:28am Aad Sleck   Untitled Aad Sleck Legion Blotan
12:28am Siege Column   In The Stolen Tomb Darkside Legions Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:32am Nihill   Antimoon (Concerning The Dead, The Coffin's Fire Slow... Grond Hydra Head Records
12:47am Ovskum   Untitled IV Atto I - Atto II Insikt
12:56am K. Leimer   Fanfare for the Illusion of Choice Found Objects Palace of Lights
1:02am Specimens   FRENCH MORNING Sculptures First Terrace Records
1:07am Crown of Eternity   Dreams of Light Dream Architecture Sounds Eternal Music
1:12am The Cyrillic Typewriter   No Landscape Permanent Colours Jaz
1:15am The Legendary Pink Dots   Mirror Mirror Pages of Aquarius Metropolis Records
1:25am Flesh World   Here In The Dark The Wild Animals In My Life Iron Lung
1:31am Vortex Empath Xen/Moira Scar   Lunatic Fringe Between Worlds Bat Noise
1:35am Blu Anxxiety   Depressed Mode Plaay Dead Toxic State
1:39am 6th Circle   Seed of Despair Third Estate, The Sentient Ruin Laboratories
1:44am Ancient Pools   Cosine Cosine Feeding Tube Records
1:47am George Harrison   Circles Gone Troppo Warner Brothers
1:52am Alain Pierre   Notions De Physique Interieure O Sidarta Finders Keepers Records