Monday 23 August 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Lawrence English   Antarctica Viento TAIGA Records
10:03pm Lead Belly   In The Pines
10:05pm Klimek   Snowfall (42 Degrees 54 N / 74 Degrees 46 E) Listen, the Snow Is Falling Kompakt Schallplatten
10:14pm Gates   Obscured Altar (Broken Throne) Throne of Light (Amnesis One) Spectral Drift
10:27pm Bastard Noise   Animal Authority Over Humans X Eyes/ Bastard Noise Bastard Eyes
10:31pm Bastard Noise   The Skull Catapult X Eyes/ Bastard Noise Bastard Eyes
10:33pm Neanderthal   Crawl Fighting Music Slap a Ham
10:36pm Brutal Truth   Telly (With Bucky) Goodbye Cruel World Relapse
10:37pm Brutal Truth   Blind Leading the Blind Goodbye Cruel World Relapse
10:39pm Spazz   Drugs To The Rescue Tasten' Spoon Clean Plate Records
10:41pm Assuck   Unrequited Blood Misery Index Sound Pollution
10:43pm Man Is the Bastard   Bloated Subhumans Sum of The Men: The Brutality Continues... Man Is the Bastard
10:52pm 976   Avoid The 13 976 Funeria
10:55pm Assuck   A Nations Tear (Spoken) State to State S.O.A.
10:57pm The Melvins   Oven Ozma Boner Records
10:58pm Plutocracy   System Overload Civilized.......? Alimentary
10:59pm Plutocracy   Rolling With Dank Civilized.......? Alimentary
11:01pm Yoga   Open Sesame Skinwalker Holy Mountain
11:08pm Heitor Alvelos   Pseudoself Faith Touch
11:24pm Gnaw Their Tongues   The Revival of Inherited Guilt Genocidal Majesty ConSouling Sounds
11:28pm Gnaw Their Tongues   to Bear Witness to The Truth Genocidal Majesty ConSouling Sounds
11:36pm Mylingar   Forlusten Doda Sjalar 20 Buck Spin
11:49pm Knelt Rote   Catalepsy Trespass Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:55pm Human Failure   Dissasmbling Morality Crown On The Head of a King of Mud Caligari
12:03am Drommer   The Sharpest Of Blades, The Saddest Of Days The Saddest Of Days Not on Label
12:09am Kneel   Infinite Worship Infinite Worship, Slaves Eternal Vexations
12:15am Swarth   Untitled Omines Pestilentae Iron Bonehead
12:25am Adversarial   Spiraling Toward The Ultimate End Adversarial / Antediluvian Nuclear War Now!
12:31am Goatlord   The Fog Sodomize The Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:36am Lustmord   Black Star Strange Attractor/Black Star Plug Research
12:47am Blood of Chhinnamastika   Victim Hail Dakshina Kalika Shrouded Recordings
12:53am Lussuria   Wind Carries Soot Industriale Illuminato Hospital Productions
1:00am Meryl Streep   YORKIE I AM PREGNANT WITH YOUR BABY SEND ME CASH Shitload / Meryl Streep Imploding Sounds
1:03am Piss Baptism   Pink and Brown Piss Baptism Decolonized Records
1:05am Piss Baptism   Electric Potato Salad Piss Baptism Decolonized Records
1:08am The Owl   Hornstrandir #46 Hibernation Owl Ripper Recordings
1:17am Lussuria   Art of Veins Industriale Illuminato Hospital Productions
1:21am Pleasure Model   Glacial Memory C.M.T.I.E. Manual 100% Silk
1:25am Boy Harsher   LA Careful Nude Club
1:30am Blu Anxxiety   I Haunt Myself Baptized In Space Toxic State
1:35am Iron Curtain   The Condos Desertion 1982-88 Pylon
1:39am Kaelan Mikla   Kalt Kaelan Mikla Fabrika Records
1:47am The Azusa Plane   Cheltenham Part Two Cheltenham Ochre
1:52am Kohoutek   Double Star Jurad Feeding Tube Records
1:57am Geneva Jacuzzi   Love Caboose Lamaze Mexican Summer