Teachers AIDS

Saturday 28 August 2021 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:03pm Toshiyuki Hiraoka   Swarm Waterphone II Edgetone Records
3:05pm Phillip Greenlief   Part Three Polyphonetic For Sun Ra Ted Brinkley and David Boyce Self Release
3:12pm John Gallow   Entrance to the Unknown Violet Dreams I, Voidhanger
3:19pm Tony Tears   Mondo Parallelo Voci Dal Passato Universal Consciousness
3:29pm Crowhurst   Death Rattle Everyone Is Guilty Sol Y Nieve
3:29pm Mylingar   Blandningen Doda Sjalar Amor Fati Productions
3:35pm Pestilential Shadows   Impaled by the Moon Cursed Goatawarex
3:41pm Gerald Cleaver   Galaxy Faruq (for Faruq Z. Bey) Griots Positive Elevation
3:41pm Skull (pre-Kranium Diabolikum)   Condemned to the Black Agony Petrified Remains - Unburying the Past Werewolf Records
3:47pm Hell Konfessor   Hill of Lost Souls Hell Konfessor Klaxon Records
3:52pm Baxaxaxa   As the Moon Inhaled All Sunrays Catacomb Cult The Sinister Flame
Peter Gabriel   Sketchpad Wth Trumpet & Voice Birdy Geffen Records
4:00pm Dror Feiler & The Too Much Too Soon Orchestra   Alka What Is The Point of Paris? Fylkingen Records
4:04pm Acts   Scarcity Scarcity Imploding Sounds
4:17pm Ennio Morricone   Sul Ponte Di Istanbul End of The Game Dagored
4:28pm Ennio Morricone   Notte Cromatica End of The Game Dagored
4:30pm Jonathan Bree   Heavenly Vision After The Curtains Close Lil Chief Records
4:33pm Flesh World   Poolside Boys Wild Animals In My Life, The Iron Lung Records
4:36pm Faith   One Step Closer to God Endless Life Label of Goods
4:41pm Dhampyr   Waltz of The Salivating Avalanche Oceanclots Acephale Winter Productions
John Carpenter & Howarth   Transient Hotel They Live Death Waltz Recording Co
4:50pm John Carpenter & Howarth   Underground They Live Death Waltz Recording Co
John Carpenter & Howarth   Wake Up They Live Death Waltz Recording Co
4:57pm Black Lung   Meat Manager Year of Silence, The Dorobo
5:01pm Enslaved   Caravans to the Outer Worlds
5:09pm Enslaved   Isa Isa Back on Black
5:12pm Pleasure Model   Cannot Quite Remember C.M.T.I.E. Manual 100% Silk
5:13pm Primordial   Where Lie the Gods Exile Amongst the Ruins Metal Blade
5:25pm Mamman Sani Et Son Urgue   Salamatu (79) La Musique Electronique Du Niger Sahelsounds
5:25pm Elderly Abuse   Here to Stay/Kicked Out Quarantine Compilation Dullahan Productions
5:25pm Disrage   Balas Contra Balas Noise Rhythm Craneal Fracture Records
5:27pm Heavy Stench   Little Boy Petting Sounds Mullet Death
5:29pm Unholy Grave   Kill'em All for One? Kill'em All for One Crucial Blast
5:31pm Frightener   Depress Guillotine Chainsaw Safety
5:33pm Slough   Within my Cubicle of For...Necroptic Slut Fudge Worthy Records Compilation Fudgeworthy
5:36pm Unholy Grave   Fanaticism Fanaticism EP Self Produced
5:38pm Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck   Covered In Shit Champagne and Biological Women Bloodlust!
5:40pm Angelo Badalamenti   Night Streets/Sandy and Je.. Blue Velvet Varese Sarabande
5:43pm Angelo Badalamenti   Frank Blue Velvet Varese Sarabande
5:46pm Bethlehem   Thou Shall Kill Yourself The Gospel According to Alexander The Sinister Initiative
5:49pm Heimnar   Vision of The Departed Thule Cursed and Truncated S
5:52pm Vrorsaath   Under Vast Dreamskies Under Vast Dreamskies Dark Adversary