Wednesday 10 November 2021 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00pm Gloria Balsam   Fluffy World's Worst Records Rhino Records
2:04pm Chicks On Speed   Euro Trash Girl Re-Releases of The Un-Releases, The K Records
2:22pm Ratkje, Maja S. K.   Side A Cyborgic Thelastrecordcompany
2:39pm Tomoko Sauvage   Amniotic Life (#2) Ombrophilia Aposiopese
2:46pm Beast Nest   Multitude Beast Nest Kornyfone
2:51pm Laurie Amat   Lezione Noise Warning: 2011 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Docum Norcal Noisefest
2:54pm Diana Rogerson & Liles   Ki Denga Pepo No Birds Do Sing Dirter Promotions
3:00pm Malaria!   Leidenschaft/Passion Compiled 1981-1984 Moabit Musik
3:04pm Inca Ore   The Mystery of Healing: a Guided Meditation Brute Nature Versus Wild Magic Weird Forest Records
3:06pm Eliane Radigue   Stress-Osaka Feedback Works 1969-1970 Alga Marghen
3:13pm Andrea Parker   In Two Minds Kiss My Arp Mo Wax
3:20pm We Like Cats   No Ordinary Dub (extended Quinoarian Queens Version) Proper Eats Marriage Records
3:40pm Crack We Are Rock   Country Cat Cosmic Mind Flight Tigerbeat6
3:43pm Christina Kubisch   The Cat's Dream Night Flights Important Records
4:00pm Kadet   Solipsism Seismic Tektonic Shift
4:07pm Liz Christine   A Song to The Lilac Fairy Four Women No Cry Vol 3. Monika Enterprise
4:13pm Pocahaunted   Dusk Passage Troubleman Unlimited
4:24pm Lizzy Descloux Mercier   Fire Press Color Buddah Records
4:28pm Helena Hauff   Piece of Pleasure Discreet Desires Werkdiscs
4:34pm Cristina   What's a Girl to Do Sleep It Off Antilles
4:39pm Miss Kittin & the Hacker   1982 First Album Emperor Norton Records
4:43pm Adult   Blank Eyed, Nose Bleed Anxiety Always Ersatz Audio
4:47pm Peaches   Lovertits Teaches of Peaches, the Kitty Yo
4:52pm LA Vampires   Keep It Turn It Bump It My Estrogeneration Not Not Fun
4:55pm Leporidae   Train Wreck Tenure: 2005 Northern California Noise Festival Self Produced
4:59pm People Like Us   Sound Escape Part 1 Lassie House/Jumble Massive Soleilmoon Recordings
5:11pm Fari Bradley   Comment Women Take Back The Noise UBUIBI
5:15pm Experiment Haywire   Evil Babies Take Over The World World War 23 Mesmer Detector
5:18pm Bene Gesserit   La DaNSe OBSCuRe Du NaiN De JaRDiN Multilingual Sad Songs, Weird Jokes and Experimental Stuff Feeding Tube Records
5:23pm Debra Petrovictch   Dislocated Extreme Music From Women Susan Lawly
5:34pm Pharmakon   Crawling On Bruised Knees Abandon Sacred Bones Records
5:41pm Gudrun Gut   The Land I Put a Record On Monika Enterprise
5:46pm Puce Mary   The Course Persona Posh Isolation
5:51pm Protean   Dirty Female of The Species, The Law & Auder
5:54pm Glass Candy   Sugar & Whitebread Iko Troubleman Unlimited
5:54pm =^..^=