Thursday 25 November 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Syntonic Research, Inc.   Dawn At New Hope, Pennysylvania Environments Disc 2 Atlantic
10:08pm Cheryl E. Leonard   Beach Adelie Penguins Chattermarks Great Hoary Marmot Records
10:14pm Cheryl E. Leonard   Adelie Colony Young Chicks Chattermarks Great Hoary Marmot Records
10:15pm Walt Disney   Walt Disney's Dedication of Disneyland ( July 17th, 1955) 50 th Anniversary Disney
10:18pm Disney   The Sounds of Main Street 50 th Anniversary Disney
10:21pm Disney Family   Disneyland Family Fight Stop It S/R
10:25pm Random Bias Records   Paris 10H Paris: New York Tokyo: Berk-Plage Random Bias Records
10:29pm " "   Paris 11H " " " "
10:32pm " "   Paris 12H " " " "
10:34pm " "   Paris 14H " " " "
10:38pm Syntonic Research, Inc.   Psychologically Ultimate Seashore Environments Disc 1 Atlantic
10:39pm Random Bias Records   Paris 15H Paris: New York Tokyo: Berk-Plage Random Bias Records
10:41pm Paris 16H
10:45pm Paris 18H
10:48pm Paris 19H
10:52pm Paris 21H
10:54pm Paris 23H
10:56pm New York 10H
11:01pm New York 11H
11:02pm New York 12H
11:05pm New York 13H
11:08pm New York 15H
11:11pm New York 17H
11:13pm New York 18H
11:22pm Annea Lockwood   Piano Burning (1968)
11:27pm Syntonic Research, Inc.   Optimum Aviary Environments Disc 1 Atlantic
11:40pm Fiorella Terenzi   Sidereal Breath Music From the Galaxies Island Records
11:45pm Richard Nixon   Richard Nixon Before Resignation Aug. 8, 1974
11:53pm Barclay , Leah   Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve ( Dawn Chorus)
11:55pm Anne Lockwood   A Sound Map of the Danube River
11:56pm John Arndt   Walking Bonneville Field Recordings From The Great Salt Lake Desert Gallery 400
12:02am Alice Coltrane   Wisdom Eye Eternity Warner Brothers (Jazz/Blu
12:05am Cassandra Wilson   Subatomic Blues Days Aweigh Jmt Productions
12:10am Yao Bingyan   High Mountains Anthology of Traditional Guqin Music CRC
12:14am Michael White   Water Children Father Music, Mother Dance ABC Impulse Records
12:23am James Williams   Black Scholars Alter Ego Sunnyside Communications
12:30am Helen Merrill   Laura Music Makers Owl Records
12:34am Richard Dawson   Herald Peasant Weird World Record Co
12:37am Jana Winderen   Jana Winderen (26:29) Heated: Live In Japan Touch
12:43am Dwight Trible   Brother Where Are You? Mothership Gearbox
12:49am Kenny Wheeler   Gnu Suite Gnu High ECM Polydor
1:00am Trio 3   Prophet's Path Open Ideas Palmetto Records
1:08am Toshinori Kondo   Introspection Blow The Earth India Subcontinental Records
1:12am Assif Tsahar   Impressions of a Messenger Shekhina Eremite
1:25am Susie Ibarra Trio   Jagged Threads Radiance Hopscotch Records
1:31am William Parker   Canyons of Light Mayan Space Station Aum Fidelity
1:41am Nezih Uzel   Acemasiran Ayin (2. Selam) Mevlana: Instrumental Mevlevi Music Kent Elektronik
1:43am Ava Mendoza   The Furious Harpy Who Followed Me Everywhere Shadow Stories Resipiscent Records
1:55am Hailu Mergia & The Walias Band   Endegena (Ketema Mokomen) Tezeta Awesome Tapes From Africa