Monday 27 December 2021 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Kleistwahr   We Sense It Through The Even Snow/Rust Eats The Future Winter Helen Scarsdale Agency
10:02pm Pelt   The Signal Tower At Murraysville, Pennsylvania Invisible Pyramid, the Last Visible Dog Records
10:10pm Stars of The Lid   Even If You're Never Awake (deuxieme) and Their Refinement of The Decline Kranky
10:19pm Kleistwahr   The Solstice Will Not Save Us/Everything We Loved Is Gone Winter Helen Scarsdale Agency
10:19pm Wolf Eyes   My House, Your Box Wolf Eyes Bulb Records
10:23pm Ambarchi/O'Malley/Dunn   Temporal, Eponymous Shade Themes From Kairos Drag City
10:31pm Thirteen Hurts   Apnea Threshold No Part of It
10:37pm Spore Spawn   Tanoshisayueni Dousekurunode 16 Shots Per Second
10:43pm Cindy   Lost On Me Free Advice Tough Love Records
10:48pm Spahn Ranch   Wonder and Perish Back to The Wood Dais
10:54pm The Saints   Erotic Neurotic Most Primitive Band In The World, The Hot
11:01pm Pobreza Mental   Instinto Valeroso Ya No Me Pertenezco Toxic State
11:03pm Sterilized   Days of Rage Chemical Dust Video Disease Records
11:04pm Serpent Crown   Children of The Night Serpent Crown Demo Myspace.com/theserpentcrown
11:15pm Thoron   Bended Soul Return to Dust No Colours Records
11:19pm Sacrilege   Winds of Vengeance Time to Face the Reaper (the Demos) Absurd Records
11:31pm White Medal   T'Old Walls Brek Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal Legion Blotan
11:34pm John Wiese   Live At Cafe Bourbon In Columbus, OH, 02/17/05 Black Magic Pond Blossoming Noise
11:38pm Wicked Lady   Life and Death Axeman Cometh, The Guerssen
11:50pm Thollem/Rivera   If You Fall to Your Death I'll Meet You Half Way Out In The Middle of It All Thollem
11:53pm TL0741   Lives of Breathless Ecstacy Circulation HC3 Music
12:00am Black Joker   Side A: Untitled Watch Out! Pacific City Sound Visions
12:03am Freiband   Stainless (software) Stainless Steel Ini Itu
12:23am Xiu Xiu   Nightsea Wind Plays The Music of Twin Peaks Polyvinyl Record Company
12:28am Iron Forest   Pathogenesis Body Horror Crucial Blast
12:36am Toshi Kasai   Dawn of Fate - Featuring: Danny Frankel Plan D NE Joyful Noise Recordings
12:39am Nurse With Wound   Nihil Spiral Insana Rotorelief
12:54am Husere Grav   Terrors You Are Transparent Crucial Blast
1:00am Ignivomous   Alchemy of Suffering Death Transmutation Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:10am Serpent Obscene   Pestilent Seed (The Plague) Serpent Obscene Necropolis
1:13am Joe Colley/Crawl Unit   Wanting to Get Left Behind Sound Until The World Ends Ers
1:16am Transient   Dying Kiedis Hummingbird of Death / Transient Mullet Death
1:16am Horna   Kuilunhenki Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne Woodcut Records
1:22am Adversarial   Death, Endless Nothing and The Black Knife of Nihilism D.e.n.a.t.b.k.o.n. Dark Descent Records
1:26am Angel Guts   Messiah of Death Perpetual Hatred Reverted
1:29am X-Eyes   They Are Coming For You Bastard Noise / X-Eyes Bastard Eyes
1:34am Abuse Potential   Alyssa The Ahmazing Abuse Potential / Fucking Bullshit Imploding Sounds
1:39am Anatomia   Mortem Corporeal Torment Dark Descent Records