Teachers AIDS

Saturday 8 January 2022 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:00pm Bastard Noise   The Skull Catapult (Instrumental) Bastard Noise / X-Eyes Bastard Eyes
3:03pm Emanation   Ritual Asphyxia Emanation of Begotten Chaos From God, The Sentient Ruin Laboratories
3:21pm Decrepisy   Anxiety Womb Emetic Communion Seed of Doom Records
3:21pm Mnima   Gathering Scorcery to the Eternal Portals of the Past III Gathering Scorcery to the Eternal Portals of the Past II Crown and Throne
3:22pm Mats Gustafsson & Joachim Nordwall   The Brain Produces Electrical Waves Shadows of Tomorrow Astral Spirits
3:26pm Soulcide   Enslaved/Forecasting Last War Soulcide / Nuclear Winter Possession Productions
3:38pm Joy Wellboy   Before The Sunrise Yorokobi's Mantra BPitch Control
3:40pm Life   17 Memory demo five
3:44pm Orchid   A Visit From Dr. Goodsex Orchid Ebullition
3:45pm Spear of Teuta   Scorn Scorn Forbidden Sonority
3:51pm Teen Cthulhu   Knocking on Heaven's Gate Ride the Blade Life Is Abuse
3:54pm Oven   To Kill is to Show Mercy Bugmans Tupla A.S.K.E.
3:58pm Wormwood   Harptree My Two Minds Become Air Time Released Sound
4:03pm Moloch   Moonblood Depression of Sutr Blackmetal.com
4:06pm War For War   Black Metal War Black Metal War War For War release
4:12pm Interkosmos   Lift Off Hypnotizer Sulatron Records
4:14pm Ibex Throne   Crucified Whores (of the White Light) Total Inversion Goatowarex
4:22pm Disimperium   Infernal Machine of the Usurper Malefic Obliteration Sentient Ruin Laboratories
4:25pm Little Fyodor   Debut Ant Modus Vivendi No Part of It
4:28pm Cejpta   Sans Titre I and II Abduction en Cette Noire Sphere Cejpta Release
4:45pm Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis   El Relincho Yagua Ovy Mie
4:47pm Mamaleek   Almost Dead Dog Out of Time Flenser
4:49pm Nuit Noire   Pense Aux Fees A Beautiful Belief Prison Tatt Records
4:58pm Filippo Diana   Azione Idraulica Formula Abstracta Medical Records
5:00pm The Family Tree   Hang On to Your Pride (vocal) Hang On to Your Pride Compost
5:01pm Walter Haynes   Chopsticks Steel Guitar Sounds Mercury Records
5:04pm War For War   Potopa Machina Nova War For War release
5:12pm Oranssi Pazuzu   Havuluu Varahtelija Svart Records
5:22pm Voivod   Fix My Heart The Outer Limits MCA
5:26pm Voivod   Planet Eaters Synchro Anarchy Century Media
5:31pm Endemic Void   Subether MISCELLANEOUS Language
5:38pm Kleistwahr   The Solstice Will Not Save Us/Everything We Loved Is Gone Winter Helen Scarsdale Agency
5:42pm Nuclear Assault   Search & Seizure Handle with Care In Effect
5:43pm Angel Guts   Blaphemous Kingdom of Profane Creation Perpetual Hatred Reverted
Nuklear Blast Suntan   Entitlement Mythos Prophetic Visions SPHC
5:46pm Nuklear Blast Suntan   Grasp Prophetic Visions SPHC
5:51pm Kommandant   Victory Through Intolerance The Draconian Archetype Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation
5:55pm Gateway   Slumbering Crevasses Flesh Reborn Chaos Records