Wednesday 26 January 2022 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:03pm Uton   Opening of The Circle From The Twilight, Next to Nowhere and Disappeared Musik Atlach
7:08pm Hilary Woods   Cleansing Ritual Birthmarks Sacred Bones Records
7:13pm Aine O'Dwyer   a World Ending Gegenschein Penultimate Press
7:39pm Sherpa   Look To La Luna Dean Allen Foyd Vs Sherpa: Psychedelic Battles 6 Vincebus Erupfum Recordings
7:49pm Black Math Horseman   Tyrant Wyllt Tee Pee Records
7:54pm Vastum   Intrusions Hole Below 20 Buck Spin
8:00pm Gatecreeper   Stronghold Sonoran Depravation Relapse Records
8:04pm Adversarial   Death, Endless Nothing and The Black Knife of Nihilism D.e.n.a.t.b.k.o.n. Dark Descent Records
8:09pm Gateway   Hel Flesh Reborn Chaos Records
8:14pm Femacoffin   Dismal Twlight Femacoffin Brainsand
8:18pm Ludicra   In Stable Tenant,The Profound Lore Records
8:25pm Aldebaran   Pleasures of War From Forgotten Tombs Kreation Records
8:27pm Kylesa   No Remorse Kylesa Prank
8:30pm Crust   Desert Stoic No Name
8:35pm Dipygus   Oasis of The Zombies Dipygus/ Cosmic Reef Temple Wave Guardian
8:41pm Thou   Supremacy Magus Sacred Bones Records
8:53pm Asva   What You Don't Know is Frontier What You Don't Know is Frontier Southern Records
9:08pm Rider/Horse   Chime Inn Select Trials Ever / Never
9:13pm Joy Division   New Dawn Fades Unknown Pleasures Factory Communications
9:17pm Electronic Death Registry   Black Sugar Eyes Strawberry Nowhere Self Release
9:22pm Maximum Ernst   Richard Motor Hits The Wall Perfect Mixer / Matchless Pair Ever / Never
9:28pm Dwyer/Sawyer/Coates/Zoby/Renteria   Yuggoth Travel Agency Gong Splat Castle Face Records
9:41pm Steve Flato   Junk Orbit Microtonal Guitar Tape Drift Records