Wednesday 23 February 2022 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Animaniacs (soundtrack)   The Hello Song Yakko's World Warner Bros.
10:04pm Monsta Island Czars (M.I.C.)   Escape Escape! Rhymesayers Ent.
10:07pm Poison Clan   Put Shit Pass No Ho (Felix Sama Remix) LANGUAGE Don't Sleep on a Hizzo Luke Records
10:18pm Peanut Butter Wolf   Rasco- "Run the Line" "Run the Line" Stones Throw
10:23pm Stacy Epps   00:00 with Finale Awakening, The Japanubia Musik
10:32pm Sacred Hoop   Smokebomb She's a Sacred, Sacred Hoop Miasmatic Recordings
10:36pm DJ Mayonnaise   Munjoy Moments Still Alive Anticon
10:42pm DJ Krush   Keeping the Motion Krush Shadow
10:49pm DJ T-Rock   Aniihilator Robot Who's Your Daddy? Bomb Hip-Hop Records
10:53pm Invisibl Skratch Piklz   Reverse Cowgirl 13th Floor, The Invisible Skratch Piklz
10:57pm Heavyweight Dub Champion   Arrival Feat Krs One (clean) Rise of The Champion Nation Champion Nation
11:03pm D.R.I.   Argument Then War Dealing with It! Enigma Records
11:06pm Tsigoti   War's The Common Enemy Read Between The Lines... Think Outside Them Post-Consumer
11:13pm Wolf Steps   Four Kings (of The Apocalypse) / War (II) Full Moons Over Pandemonia S
11:15pm Anti Scrunti Faction   War War War Damsels in Distress Flipside
11:17pm Schnitt Acht   The War Has Begun Slash and Burn Beautamous Loaf International
11:24pm Fushitsusha   Untitled 7 Untitled (2) PSF
11:44pm [coll]: File #733 UFO: Further Investigation   B Side File #733 UFO: Further Investigation Modern Harmonic
12:12am Galactapus   Gingerbread Man You Better Not Cry Self Released
12:16am Cougar On a Meth Binge   Cutie Face Dreamy Pea, The C.S. Hellmann
12:21am The Spacelords   Bag Kanya (Remix) Water Planet Spacetemple
12:42am Faust   Border River Daumenbruch Mirrorworld Music
1:02am Bren't Lewiis Ensemble   Dead Mackerel and a Bucket of Flaming Housepaint Toupee Made of Weather BUFMS
1:13am Comet Control   Keep On Spinnin' Inside The Sun Tee Pee Records
1:22am Hyrrokkin/Merzbow   Let's All Dance In a Rigorous Line Faltered Pursuit Sleeping Giant Glossolalia
1:36am RK Faulhaber   Mnydric Dugong Weeps Helen Scarsdale Agency
1:44am Dubious Candy   Dawn Chorus (in Memory of Terry Boblet) Women Take Back The Drone UBUIBI