Dangerous Dan

Sunday 24 April 2022 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Johnny Cash   Sunday Morning Coming Down Sunday Mornig Coming Down
9:05am Wankin'teens   Johnny Keep Walkin' the Line Johnny Keep Walkin' the Line Goatbilly Records
9:09am Holydrug Couple   Ancient Land Ancient Land, The Sacred Bones Records
9:19am Moon Duo   Lost in Light Occult Architecture Vol. 2 Sacred Bones Records
9:27am The Flies   2000 Light Years From Home Get Wise Dutch East India Trading
9:31am Big Red Ball   Eastern Sky She Ran Away From the World Prospective Records
9:35am Spectre Folk   Begin The Mothership S/t New Images
9:43am Carlton Melton   Microwavelengths Microwavelengths Broken Clover Records
10:03am Boris Badenough   Hey Rocky! Hey Rocky!/Jackin' Me Around Trax
10:07am Joy Division   Transmission Transmission Factory Records
10:12am The Bam Bams   Tickle Party! S/T Cricket Cemetery
10:14am Pom Poms   Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie... Tci
10:15am Karen Black   Alaska Alaska Vital Music Records
10:22am Land of the Loops   Multi-Family Garage Multi-Family Garage Sale Up Records
10:26am The Flexibles   Pink Everything Pink Everything Night School
10:33am The Pancakes   Elefant Mokele Goes to Town Kerntonschall Records
10:41am Jimi Hendrix   Red House Jimi Hendrix Experience, The MCA Records
10:56am Lunachicks   Jan Brady Blast First
10:59am Ass Baboons of Venus   Naked Lady Wrestler "Naked Lady Wrestler" Stingy Banana Records
11:02am Bright Like Ice   Full Moon Smarten Up! Records
11:08am George Coleman   Transistor Radio Bongo Joe Mississippi Records
11:14am The Bad Cassettes   Gone (7" Mix) Gone Below Records
11:16am LCD Soundsystem   Give It Up Give It Up DFA Records
11:21am The Entrance Band   The Seventh Seal Dans La Temptete EP Spiritual Pajamas
11:27am Sula Bassana   Moonbase Alpha Alpha Shipwrecked Sulatron Records
11:41am Astronauts   War of the Satellites Teenager Zoom Shot Down
11:42am Sandy Bull   Electric Blend E Pluribus Unum Sutro Park