Teachers AIDS

Saturday 14 May 2022 3:01pm to 5:57pm

Time Artist/Title Album Label
Arruug   Abyss of the Hatred Against Islamic Scum Impaling the Islamic God in the Ass.. Chapel Detonation
3:03pm Arrung   Raping the Degenerate Muhammad Impaling the Islamic God in the Ass.. Chapel Detonation
3:04pm Arrung   Anal Laceration of Humanized Camels of the Medina Impaling the Islamic God in the Ass.. Chapel Detonation
3:08pm Impiety   Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell Skullfucking Armageddon Metropolis
Blasphemy   The Desolate One (Outro) Fallen Angel of Doom Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:17pm 2562   Channel Two Round Black Ghosts Scape
3:21pm Impiety   Introbliteration Dominator Pulverised
3:21pm Impiety   Slaughterror Superiority Dominator Pulverised
3:28pm Witch Vomit   Abhorrent Rapture Abhorrent Rapture 20 Buck Spin
3:33pm Pantha Du Prince   The Winter Hymn Feat. Queens Triad, The Rough Trade
3:33pm Ott, Christine   Tie to Die Time to Die Gizeh
3:41pm Nihil Communication   Live: The Lab In San Francisco 12 Nov 2011 Live: The Lab In San Francisco 12 Nov 2011 Danvers State Recordings
3:48pm Bejel   Axis of Violence Apex Filth Forbidden Sonority
3:50pm Sadistik Exekution   Suspiral 30 Years of Agonizing The Dead Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:55pm Thorns of Hate   Heretic Paradigm Abominable Triumph of Heresy Thorns of Hate Release
3:59pm Niggenkemper, Pascal   Crochet Coral Reef Talking Trash Clean Feed
4:03pm Qrixkuor   Serpentine Susurrus - Mother's Abomination Poison Palinopsia Dark Descent Records
4:20pm Noodle Muffin   Coming Soon Meatcup Just Snack Self Released
4:21pm Xurganuuth   Ammunition for Destructive Reality of Anti-Abrahamic War Abysmal Blood Particles of Thermonuclear Triumph Chapel Detonation
4:22pm Abysmal Lord   Storms Storms of Unholy Black Mass Hells Headbangers Records
4:29pm MK9   Tolerance Systems / Ground Conflict Two / Radiation Landscap Contaminants Absurd Exposition
4:32pm Damaar   The Goatphoenix Triumph Through Spears of Sacrilege Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:34pm Filth Chasm   Blood Arc Demo '21 Filth Chasm
4:37pm Black Witchery   Ritual (Blasphemy Cover) Upheaval of Satanic Might Osmose Productions
4:40pm Goatpenis   Front Toward Enemy Anesthetic Vapor Nuclear War Now! Productions
Goathex   Antichrist Wrath Hammer Final Impalement of Mankind - Demonstration II Forbidden Sonority
4:45pm Miguel, Sei   Asterion (five) Stories Untold Clean Feed
4:50pm Argoslent   Entity Galloping Through the Battle Ruins Wood-Nymph Records
4:53pm Bestial Raids   Excrements of Creation Master Satan's Witchery Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:00pm No Visitors   Unclean Spirits Measures of Decay Rural Isolation Project
5:01pm Diocletian   War Messiah Diocletian/ Weregoat Parasitic
5:06pm Barbaric Horde   Total Black Terror Barbaric Hammer Fist Godz ov War
5:09pm Acualli   Rites of Mockery TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK Crepusculo Negro
5:15pm Impaled Nazarene   Damnation (Raping The Angels) Impaled Nazarene/Beherit Ras
5:19pm Black Goat of the Woods   Curse of the Black Goat Ancient Burial Ground B.G.O.T.W.
5:22pm Gospel of the Horns   Chaos Bringer A Call to Arms Invictus
5:27pm Minimal Compact   Too Many of Them Made to Measure - Volume 1 Crammed Discs
5:28pm Les Maitres-Tambours Du Burundi   Suite De Danses Et D'appels Rituels Les Maitres-Tambours Du Burundi Arion
5:34pm Abhorer   Abandonment of Chastity Oblation II:Abyssic Demonolatries Nuclear War Now! Productions
Goatblood   Grueling Forces Fisting Jesus Veneration of Armageddon Dunkelheit Produktionen
5:39pm Zygoatsis   Inverted the Crucifix Siamese Barbaric Nuclear Warmageddon Witchhammer Productions
5:45pm Goatlord   Possessed Soldiers of War Sodomize The Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:49pm Goatsmegma   Decapitating the Holy Prisoners Goat Separatist Movement Godz ov War
5:53pm Beherit   Hail Satan Warriors of Black Metal Black Blood Records
5:54pm Goat Semen   Crucified Fucked and Forsaken En Vivo En Lima Hell Soul Erazer Records
5:56pm Lihhamon   Zelot (Splendour of Terror) Miasmal Coronation Van Records
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