Monday 20 June 2022 9:59pm to 1:59am

Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Who, the   I Can See for Miles Sell Out Decca
10:05pm Jugendwerkhof   Urruin II Urruin Rural Isolation Project
10:20pm Flipper   Old Graves Love MVD
10:31pm Kaleidoscope   Soft Cage After The Futures Toxic State
10:35pm T.S.O.L.   Dance with Me Dance with Me Frontier
10:37pm Trial   Lobotomized Visions Moments of Collapse Rough Trade
10:49pm Killing Joke   Eighties (The Coming Mix) Eighties EG Records
10:53pm Lifelover   M/S Salmonella Pulver Osmose Productions
10:58pm Nevai, Nondor   I Three Tocattas C.S. Hellmann
11:00pm MXLX   Disastrchasr / Bad Sigil At Time Temple Kinda Rad! Records
11:20pm Sacrilege   A Violation of Something Sacred Behind the Realms of Madness Children of the Revolution Records
11:25pm Mutilator   Immortal Force Immortal Force Greyhaze
11:28pm White Medal   Ablaze Lyke Wake Legion Blotan / Darker Than Black
11:35pm Virulent Specter   The Black Temple Of Omniscient Manipulation Black Temple of Omniscient Manipulation, The Black Gangrene
11:40pm Decoherence   Remnants Unitarity Sentient Ruin
11:47pm Decoherence   Unitarfity Violation Unitarity Sentient Ruin
11:56pm Cryptae   Cronos Nightmare Traversal Sentient Ruin Laboratories
12:03am Quitter, Andrew   Perfumed Corpse Mountain Hymns for City Rats DumpsterScore Home Recordings
12:06am Mamiffer   Hymn of Eros The Brilliant Tabernacle Sige Records
12:18am Unmade   Envenemous Submaterial Ritual in Unlight Rural Isolation Project
12:25am Resection   Distemper A Great Loss self release
12:28am Plethora   091101 Musick... Krush & Squash Psychochrist
12:42am No Visitors   Gathers No Meat Jealous Gods Rural Isolation Project
12:52am Borda's Rope   a Restless Jewel Cloaked In Darkness, Ascending Cha-Puor's D Enthroned With The Vanished Oceanic Wealth Nebular Carcoma
12:58am Genocide Pact   Deprive/Degrade Genocide Pact Relapse Records
1:02am Grandiose Malice   Bell, Book and Chalice Eternal Infernal, The Hells Headbangers Records
1:06am Bestial Putrefaction   Primitive Pathology Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos Sentient Ruin Laboratories
1:08am Trucido   Untitled Side B Das Butcher Neural Operations
1:22am T Tauri   Gold or Ore Ending Deconstruction GSL Records
1:26am Sword Breaker   Under the Banner of Vengeance Sword Breaker selfrelease
1:28am Troller   Graphic Graphic HoloDeck
1:34am Goblin   Ghost Vest Buio Omega Mondo / Death Waltz
1:38am Resection   Distemper A Great Loss Phage Tapes
1:40am die Angel   Live In Austin Part 1 Live in Austin Erototox Decodings
1:45am whngr@kfjc.org  
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