Monday 29 August 2022 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm The Stranglers   Duchess Apollo Revisited Get Back!
10:03pm The Gories   Hate Telepathic Iloki Records
10:05pm Jay Reatard   Death Is Forming Blood Visions
10:07pm Drunk Injuns   Metal Serenade Frontside Grind Beware Records
10:13pm Godstomper   Unlucky Charms Gun Culture Dogprint
10:16pm Logical Nonsense   A Flower In A Sea of Shit Deadtime Discos
10:18pm Thirteen Thirty-Two   The Burning 1332 East Bay Menace
10:22pm Dystopia   Now and Forever S/t Life Is Abuse
10:33pm Grimple   Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover) A Darker Shade of Grey Prank
10:36pm Amebix   Fear of God Arise Alternative Tentacles
10:40pm Bone Awl   These Days Are Marked Meaningless Leaning Mess Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:47pm Yoga   Emin and Anakim Skinwalker Holy Mountain
10:52pm Dead Boys   Ain't It Fun Night of the Living Dead Boys Bomp Records
10:56pm Gore   Out for Sex Mean Man's Dream Red Rhino
11:00pm Black Flag   Your Last Affront Process of Weeding Out SST Records
11:13pm Greyhound   Scorched Scorched Earth self released
11:16pm Benumb   Castout Bad Acid Trip / Benumb Agitate 96
11:18pm Man Is the Bastard   Bloated Subhumans Sum of The Men: The Brutality Continues... Man Is the Bastard
11:22pm Amps for Christ   Time Is the Coupler Thorny Path Vermiform
11:33pm Dead By Dawn   You've Got to Come Down Some
11:38pm Kaamos   The Doom of Man Kaamos Candlelight USA
11:41pm Black Funeral   Of Dark and Crimson Spheres Vampyr-Throne of The Beast WWW.cryptiaproductions.com
11:49pm Hate Propaganda   Let The Sirens Signal The End Of Times World War 666
11:53pm Virulent Specter   Wight Of Sulfur And Putrescine / Origin Of The Fetish Black Temple of Omniscient Manipulation, The Black Gangrene
12:00am Ruin Lust   Skin Hunger Ruin Lust Psychic Violence
12:17am AU:TONE:AL   Side A I
12:37am Monolith   God Is Your Shield (FOH Mix) Forms Of Hands 20 - 20th Anniversary Hands
12:42am Distruster   Fantasy Or Suicide // End Of The Line World War Zero
12:49am Orphx   Joy Before Death Forms Of Hands 20 - 20th Anniversary Hands
12:55am Fetters   Whisper In The Dark Fetters / Esperik Glare Black Horizons
1:01am american   Defecting Ways Violate and Control Sentient Ruin Laboratories
1:05am Cryptae   Cryptic Passage Nightmare Traversal Sentient Ruin Laboratories
1:14am Whoredom Rife   Maanens Natt Ride the Final Tide Terratur Possessions
1:21am The Radiophonic Workshop   The Barracks (Alternative) Possum Room 13
1:27am Resection   Cetacean Intelligence Phylogeny Self Release
1:31am Andrew Quitter   a Perfumed Corpse Mountain Hymns for City Rats DumpsterScore Home Recordings
1:33am Distance Machine   Send Us More Chuck Berry Distance Machine Cloister Recordings
1:45am Black Forest/Black Sea   Untitled 1 Black Forest / Black Sea Music Fellowship
1:49am @_whngr_