Monday 5 September 2022 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:01pm Haters   Cultivating Calamities Cultivating Calamity Vinyl Communications
10:12pm Les Thugs   Little Kiddy Electric Troubles Sub Pop Records
10:15pm Gang Green   Haunted House Drunk and Disorderly Ma 1986 Deluxe
10:17pm Gang Green   Tonight We Rock Drunk and Disorderly Ma 1986 Deluxe
10:18pm Karp   Dueling Banshees Mustaches Wild K Records
10:21pm The Killers   Denial Manual for Self-Destruction Hater of God
10:27pm Ivich   Les Montres La Vie Devant Soi Ebullition
10:30pm Holy Molar   Deep Thought Eject Button Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth, The Youth Attack Records
10:34pm The Hafler Trio   The Moment When We Blow The Flour From Our Tongues Moment When We Blow The Flour From Our Tongues, The Crouton
10:40pm Knurl   Impending Tolerance Black Anathema Rural Isolation Project
10:47pm Hummingbird of Death   Anytown Usa Chainsaw to The Face/Hummingbird of Death Cowabunga Records
10:52pm Gnaw Their Tongues   Fallen Deities Bathing In Gall Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus ConSouling Sounds
10:57pm Havohej   Hornbook Hornbook Seytan Hells Headbangers
11:04pm Infinite Waste   Swallow The Sun Ghost Town EP Self-release
11:08pm Ulthar   Cudgel Providence 20 Buck Spin
11:13pm Glacial Tomb   Shackled to the Burning Earth Glacial Tomb Gilead Media
11:21pm Countess   Bloed In De Sneeuw Return of the Horned One Self Release
11:27pm GX Jupitter-Larsen   Three Complimentary Locked Groove Pump Powered Permawave Oxen
11:32pm Sikkness   Fucking Braincrush of the Pigs Sikkness 9800 Narbentage Productionen
11:35pm Sigh   Taste Defeat Scorn Defeat Peaceville
11:43pm Nortfalke   Seefonktjuenderee Seefonkjuenderee Dunkelheit Produktionen
11:47pm Afvallige   Op Het Scherpst Van De Snede Nevelveld Heidens Hart
11:50pm Faceless Entity   In Via Ad Nusquam II In Via Ad Nusquam Altare Productions
11:59pm Black Mountain Transmitter   Black Goat of the Woods Black Goat of the Woods Aurora Borealis
12:31am God Is War   Apex 0.0 Apex Breathing Problem
12:36am Helen Money   Coil Atomic Thrill Jockey Records
12:40am Nordvargr   Aryana Of The Open Wound Pyrrhula Cold Spring Records
12:45am Elande   Gengang Dodens Rike Craneo Negro
12:50am Emptiness   Behind The Curtain Nothing But The Whole Dark Descent Records
12:57am Vintlechkeit   Dodssted?? Svartskogen, Svartvinter?? / Dodssted?? Eternal Death
1:17am Heimito Kunst   Terminus Radioso Post Exoticism Shrimper
1:22am Liebestod   Crimes of Love Escaping Freedom Chondritic Sound
1:29am Veik   Downside (I Wanna Know) Surrounding Structures Fuzz Club
1:35am Golem Mecanique   Side a Nona, Decima et Morta Ideologic Organ
1:44am Einsturzende Neubauten   Der Kuss Haus Der Luege Mute Records
1:48am Sjunde Inseglet   Preparation Kalontas Auton Pou Onomazetai Satanas Kai Diavolos Ajna Records
1:51am whngr@kfjc.org