Sunday 18 September 2022 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:00pm Drew McDowall   The Chimeric Mesh Withdraws (Parts 1-3) Collapse Dais
7:13pm Camilla Hannan   Part 5 More Songs About Factories Cajid Media
7:21pm Unknown Artist   Please Leave The Church Before You Start Singing (Dub) Please Leave The Church Before You Start Singing Onion (2)
7:29pm Cicciolina Holocaust   Zigomar Cicciolina Holocaust / Sermonizer Forced Nostalgia
7:36pm PARC   Entropic Wave Iridescence 100% Silk
7:42pm Maurizio   Eleye Ploy Maurizio
7:47pm Console   Trainset Einigen Wir Uns Auf... Kollaps
7:55pm Future Beat Alliance   Do You Dream Patience and Distance EEvo Next
8:03pm Jo Rad Silver   Find Another Social Moment Akka & Beep Beep
8:09pm Trystero   Come and Get It Electro-Organic VOL.1 Starfire Records
8:13pm Interracial Sex/Bacillus   The Tropics, Birthplace of Pathogen Tropics: Modern Methodologies, The Fusty Cunt
8:15pm Jorge Gebauhr   I Love Elektronische Musik Traum Schallplatten
8:21pm Bento Box   Dot to Dot EP Parallel Recordings, Ltd.
8:29pm Bobby Konders   House Rhythems "Let There Be House" Bobby Konders - A Lost Era In NYC 1987-1992 International Deejay Gigolo Records
8:34pm 2000 and One   State of House Heritage 100% Pure
8:42pm Flexitone   The Pulse of Evolution Elements of and Experiments With Sound Planet E Communications
8:48pm Function : Vatican Shadow   The Nemesis Flower Games Have Rules Hospital Productions
8:55pm Maus Und Stolle   Concrete Extra Vergine Klang Elektronik
9:00pm Ah Cama-Sotz   Ne Prekrashchay Tantsevat' Forms Of Hands 20 - 20th Anniversary Hands
9:06pm Sagat   Speaking of Which Few Mysteries Solved In a Year of Contact Vlek
9:12pm Twisted Science   Cold Fusion Cold Fusion Leaf Recordings
9:14pm The Radiophonic Workshop   Marshland 2 / Verse 3 And Nightmare 1 / Bedfellows Possum Room 13
9:18pm T. Gowdy   Transcend Miracles Constellation
9:22pm Tom Dissevelt   Mexican Mirror Fantasy In Orbit Donemus
9:25pm Forgiveness   Sober Forgiveness Not Not Fun
9:28pm Severed + Said   Unconscious Tragic Seeker Not Not Fun Records
9:33pm M. Pluckett   thinker Rust Water Self Release
9:35pm Mary Lattimore & Growing   Tagada, Night Rises Gainer Silver Current
9:44pm The Cyrillic Typewriter   Tell All the Poets Buzz Jaz Records
9:49pm Shawn Lee and Panfilov   Samba Brown Space and Tempo Funk Night Records
9:50pm Salz   Salz 2.1 Kompakt Total 1 Kompakt Schallplatten
9:56pm Safety Scissors   Bound for Bottom Lost at Vibraphone Records
9:57pm =^..^=