Teachers AIDS

Saturday 29 October 2022 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02pm Andrew Quitter   Fog Ritual Mountain Hymns for City Rats DumpsterScore Home Recordings
3:03pm Misery Engine   Hypersurveillance Eyes of The State Aberrant Recordings
3:06pm Antediluvian   Shifting Transcendental The Burning Reprieve / Shifting Transcendental Martyrdoom Production
3:11pm Vermisst   D'une Vapeur Malsaine Vermisst / Condescendance D'une Vapeur Malsaine
3:18pm Methlab Explosion   Untitled Midwest Harsh Fest Vol.1 Trashfuck Records
3:19pm Ego Ella May   Pay My Bills So Far Tru Thoughts
3:19pm Kerasphorus   Swarm Intelligentsia Cloven Hooves At The Holocaust Dawn Nuclear War Now! Productions
3:24pm Unholy Crucifix   Chalice of Cunt's Blood Abominations of Darkness Terrorghoul Productions
3:26pm Ufomammut   Empyros Fenice Neurot Recordings
3:30pm Brenoritvrezorkre   Tsaevarya Zurgtapre Nevgzerya Brenoritvrezorkre
3:35pm Varathron   Realm Of Obscure Untrodden Corridors Of Hades Agonia
3:42pm Mohsen Kasirossafar/Veselin Mitev   Bist Zarbi Ditirambi Hermes Records
3:44pm Walghinge   Waar Wrok En Gramschap Gedijen Primordiaal Verlangen Gramschap
3:48pm Nightfell   No One Leaves Here A Sanity Deranged Parasitic
Jason Crumer   Perfect Comfort Walk With Me Misanthropic Agenda
3:56pm Helen Money   Midnight Atomic Thrill Jockey Records
3:58pm Litter   Light You Cast Newfound Grids Syrphe
4:03pm Ixtlahuac   Huehuecoyotl Teyacanilitztli Nahualli NWN!
4:08pm Milumet   It Speaks with Your Voice Milumet Atavistic Insurgence
4:10pm Faceless Entity   In Via Ad Nusquam III In Via Ad Nusquam Altare Productions
4:21pm Heimito Kunst   Terminus Radioso Post Exoticism Shrimper
4:21pm Waves Crashing Piano Chords   Young Mouth / It Wasn't Even Wort Midwest Harsh Fest Vol.1 Trashfuck Records
4:22pm Adversarial   Dissenting The Waking Shell D.e.n.a.t.b.k.o.n. Dark Descent Records
4:30pm Profanatica   Thy Kingdom Cum Thy Kingdom Cum Hells Headbangers
4:33pm Tsjuder   Possessed Desert Northern Hell Season of Mist
4:38pm Acephalix   Abyssal Theothanatology 20 Buck Spin
4:40pm Ulthar   Humanoid Knot Providence 20 Buck Spin
4:47pm Watkins/Peacock   Love Acid Escape Vol. 3 Freaks
4:47pm Sigh   Ready For The Final War Scorn Defeat Peaceville Records
4:58pm Plasticman   Pump Up The Jam Grime Rephlex
4:58pm Stress Orphan   Breeder Reactor Mass Casualty Event Phage Tapes
5:01pm Mercyful Fate   On a Night of Full Moon Return of the Vampire Road Racer
5:09pm King Diamond   The Exorcist Voodoo Metal Blade
5:15pm Xexys   Monsters in the Forest Death Mountain Xexys
5:20pm Logical Nonsense   A Reigning A Darker Shade of Grey Prank
5:23pm Vlaar   Coupable Vlaar Crustatombe
5:25pm Abigail   Nuclear Attack Apocalyptic Necroholocaust Heavier Records
5:28pm Stanley Myers   Cavatina reprise Deer Hunter, The Capitol Records
5:30pm Executioner's Mask   Contempt Winterlong Profound Lore
5:40pm Circle of Ouroborus   Horroksessa Aavikon Varjo GoatowaRex
5:44pm God Is War   Apex 0.0 Apex Breathing Problem
Mortuary Drape   In a Candle Flame Wisdom - Vibration - Repent Peaceville
5:53pm Evil Damn   Blasfemia Chaos y Muerte Apocalyptic Necroholocaust Heavier Records
Mantak   SeXXX Sick SiXXX Diabolical Psycholust Chalice Of Blood Angel
5:57pm Keith Kelly   Looking Out Into The Vastness Departure Edgetone Records