Friday 4 November 2022 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:03pm Heatdeath   If Un Conspiracy Records
7:17pm Drona Parva   Over New Fields (Edit) Sounds of the Geograph Temporary Residence Ltd.
7:21pm Hecate Vs. Lustmord   Strong Attraction Law of the Battle of Conquest Hymen Records
7:27pm Dodge Jones Rage   We're All Made of Meat West Coast Power Outage II Charnel Music
7:31pm Pnf   My Favorite Scratch Soundtracks for Bride Auscultare Research
7:38pm Dark Alceste De Socai Vomie   Electrone (Flies Mix) Tristesse Psychotronique RRRecords
7:43pm God Is War   Apex 0.0 Apex Breathing Problem
7:48pm Misery Engine   Digitized Urban Insurgency Eyes of The State Aberrant Recordings
7:52pm D.o-neimagi-n.e   Finally Speech Organs, The Unverified Records
7:57pm The Bastard Noise   Ryobi Party Rogue Astronaut Gravity
8:00pm David "Microwave" Javelosa   Strolling The Strip Atomic Odyssey Hyperspace Communications
8:03pm Zoviet France   Revenue of Fire Shouting at the Ground Red Rhino
8:07pm Thick Air   Neptunian Resonance Pillars of Creation Not Not Fun
8:13pm Naturally   Non Non Nee Space Is no Place Psycho-Path
8:14pm Cold Storage   0 Fractures Rural Isolation Project
8:18pm Biosphere   Baby Interphase Microgravity Biophone Records
8:25pm Automaton   Terran Invasion of Alpha Centaurai Year 2794 Dub Terror Exhaust Strata
8:36pm General Magic & Pita   Spring Fridge Live and Final Fridge Source Records
8:44pm Body Without Organs   I Am In Hell Isis and Thoth Dark Entries
8:55pm XEREX   IV XEREX Meets Dracula No Part of It
9:00pm People Like Us/Wobbly/Matmos   Chicken Legs Wide Open Spaces Tigerbeat6
9:13pm Dapayk Solo   Devil's House Devil's House Mosferry
9:23pm Shackleton   Blood On My Hands Soundboy Punishments Skull Disco
9:43pm Heib   A1 Cargo Auftrieb
9:50pm Source   The Rteal Thing Soundwaves 1 Beechwood Music
9:56pm BSBLOrk   Impromptu Holofractal #19 - Pinheirinho (2012) 10 yEars aLive Public Eyesore
9:57pm =^..^=