Teachers AIDS

Saturday 19 November 2022 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:01pm Golem Mecanique   Side a Nona, Decima et Morta Ideologic Organ
3:03pm Tezcatlipoca   Youalehecatl Ipehualtiyayohually Diabolus Productions
3:10pm Hulder   Upon Frigid Winds Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry 20 Buck Spin
3:15pm Ixtlahuac   Yaoxochitl (Ritual De Guerra) Tekuyotl De La Yaotlachinoli Nuclear War Now! Product
3:17pm XEREX   VI XEREX Meets Dracula No Part of It
3:20pm Gloqke   Chien de Guerre En Disgrace Ou la Decheance Du Mercenaire Feufolet / Gloqke Cursed Blood
3:23pm The Lord Diabolus   Nocturnal Evil Down There... Dark Descent Records
3:25pm God Is War   Apex 0.1 Apex Breathing Problem
3:27pm Nightmare Ecstasy   Visions of the Unspeakable One Wails Of Winter Resound Through Desolate Eternity Out of Season
3:34pm Frostmoon Eclipse   of a Dead Universe Frostmoon Eclipse / Moloch Fudgeworthy
3:40pm Pay Dirt   Ala Modem In Modernity Error Theft Disco Bluescreen
3:42pm Ynkleudherhenavogyon   Difun yn-kerghyn halow gans gosow a sakrifisys yn ow Freudhek Kothni Sekus Lytherenna Inverse Solar Reqvriem
3:47pm Profanatica   Ropes of Hatred Thy Kingdom Cum Hells Headbangers Records
Joseph Petric   Spirit Cloud SEEN Redshift Records
3:56pm Grail Wizard   The Wooden Man Of The English Woods Old Guard New Blood A.S.K.E
4:01pm Nouri & Le Groupe Traditionnel Gnaoua   Ganti-gana Dalali Culture Press
4:01pm Sandor Valy & Julia Heeger   O Vis Aeternitatis Sacred Songs Ektro Records
4:05pm Akitsa   L'heure De Verite Ripped From Death, Forced to Live, and Die Again Hospital Productions
4:08pm Aufnorden   Die Kanadischer Verrater From the Sword, the Sun Rose GoataWarex
4:12pm Odelegger   Pressure the Titan's Tomb Purity Through Fire
4:14pm Feufolet   Famille de Rapaces Feufolet / Gloqke Cursed Blood
4:20pm OurTown   Come Back Here We Are Self Release
4:22pm Tomhet   Orden, Manen Och Natten Eklipsens Hord Och Karavan/Apokalypsimz Legend Demos GoatowaRex
4:25pm Eerified Catacomb   Lover's Leap Lover's Leap Death Hymns
4:30pm Keith Kelly   an Accidental Apocalypse Departure Edgetone Records
4:33pm Mortuus   Disobedience Grape of The Vine Ajna Offensive
4:42pm Blanck Mass   Greyhound Ted K (Original Motion Picture Score) Sacred Bones Records
4:45pm Apati   Host Eurfori Art Of Propaganda
4:53pm Nostalgic Darkness   Recurrent Depression Nostalgic Darkness War Against Yourself
4:58pm Blinky   ( I Can't Get No ) Satisfaction Heart Full of Soul The Motown Anthology Motown Records
4:59pm Cyess Afxzs   Daughters of Sons Americhasm Rural Isolation Project
5:07pm Violation Wound   You're a Wreck Violation Wound / Ruin Fudgeworthy
5:09pm Utter Bastard   Death Metal or Die Menus with Manpower Duplex Records
5:09pm Soy   Squire Barnes: Chicken Chop Menus with Manpower Duplex Records
5:11pm Venkman   Obey The Commander, Heed The Command Venkman/ Horse & Deer Cow Catcher
5:13pm Final Bombs   Death Road Game of Death Slice Records
5:16pm Sex Prisoner   I'm Proud of You Antichrist Demoncore/Magnum Force/Sex Prisoner to Live a Lie
5:17pm Pantalones Abajo Mainero   Untitled or "Grindcore Carbo Menus with Manpower Duplex Records
5:17pm Gonkulator   Miserable Excuse for a God Menus with Manpower Duplex Records
5:22pm Gai   Extermination Extermination King's World Records
Gai   Liar Extermination King's World Records
5:25pm Jeff Surak   attic of subduction All Those Born Must Die Helen Scarsdale Agency
5:38pm Konsul   track 1 Night Riders Werewolves Records
5:41pm Demon's Dream   Speed Attack BattleCry Demon's Dream
Fast Evil   Japanese Killer The Midnight Force Classic Metal
5:44pm Savage Master   Child of The Witch Creature of The Flames High Roller Records
5:49pm Intruder   The Martyr A Higher Form of Killing Metal Blade
5:55pm Destroyers   Wszetecznica Dziewiec Kregow Zta Putrid Cult