Dominic Trix

Friday 25 November 2022 7:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
Trix   5-21-2016
Black Sabbath Riot   Milwauakee 1980
Unamed Psychedelic Band   September 2 2019
Various Car Recordings   2019
Fairyland Choo Choo  
Drums   5-12-2022
Bad Flowt   5-12-2022
More drums   may 2022
Jolly Boy Horse  
Fairyland   Goosy Gander
Fairyland   Giant Joe Bean
Mr Concerned   The Mighty Crowned Lion
Fairyland   Anase The Spider Man
Bruce Bowell   Drums 1986
Trix + DJ Jett   Road words 2021
Fairyland   Willy The Whale
Screamo The Cat   3-16-2020
Various Ice Cream Trucks   1-7
Fairyland Music   Space-Pop
Bruce Bowell   Drums /Electronics 1986
DJ jett   Various Screams from 2018
Cokie Frogs   Recorded in Hawaii May 24, 2021
Fairyland   Merry Millers Cat
Super Secret Spy Mobile
Various Fairyland  
Wrench continues  
10:02pm Chris Watson   River Mara At Dawn Stepping Into the Dark Touch
10:06pm Francois Douris   Track 2 Le Disque Bruitiste RRRecords
10:08pm Dan Gibson   Among the Giant Trees of the Pacific Coast Solitudes Dan Gibspn Productions
10:16pm Scanner   Heidi Delivery Rawkus
10:26pm David Dunn   Chaos & The Emergent Mind of The Pond Aerial #2, The (Spring 1990) Aerial, the
10:31pm Runaway Train   Run My Runaway Runaway Train Ash
10:55pm Chris Watson   Mexico D.F. El Tren Fantasma Touch
11:00pm Voices of the Rainforest   Cutting Trees Voices of the Rainforest Rykodisc
11:08pm Scanner   Person Calling At Mealtime Ash 1.2 N/A
11:13pm Pete Namlook & Uzzell-Edwards   Environmental Frankfurt Part I A New Consciousness 2 Fax
11:21pm Francois Douris   Track 3 Le Disque Bruitiste RRRecords
11:25pm Scanner   Argument Between Man & Woman Ash 1.2 N/A
11:29pm Voices of the Rainforest   Afternoon to Afternoon Darkening Voices of the Rainforest Rykodisc
11:38pm Billy Bao   Side A Lagos Sessions Munster Records
11:40pm David Toop   Torokoiwei 1 Lost Shadows: In Defence of The Soul Sub Rosa
11:54pm Chris Watson   El Tajin; El Dia Y La Noche El Tren Fantasma Touch
12:05am Chris Watson   The Crossroads Stepping Into the Dark Touch
12:10am Fiorella Terenzi   Plasma Waves Music From the Galaxies Island Records
12:15am The Conet Project   The Swedish Rhapsody [G2A] (Disc 1) Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations Irdial-Discs
12:27am Jacob Kirkegaard   Gaea Eidfjall Touch
12:33am Giulio Aldinucci   The Liquid Room Spazzio Sacro Time Released Sound
12:40am Cheryl E. Leonard   Beach Adelie Penguins Chattermarks Great Hoary Marmot Records
12:51am Pali Meursault   Cycle 1 Offset Doubtful Sounds
1:03am Alan Lamb & Garry Bradbury   The Wired Lab WIRED Open Day 2009 TAIGA Records
1:15am Scanner   1 Scanner Beautamous Loaf International
1:35am Chris Watson & Davidson   Midnight At The Oasis Cross-Pollination Touch