Ms. Conduct

Friday 9 December 2022 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:03am William Basinski   Dlp 1.1 Disintegration Loops, the Musex
2:22am Apparat   Warm Signal Duplex Shitkatapult
2:27am Andrea Parker   Melted Shoe S/T Mo Wax
2:32am Artemeida   Violet Sky Radio Lyric Irina Alrealon Musique
2:43am Alessandro Parisi   Lento Sacramento Ascensione Progressiva Medical Records
2:51am Alan Vega   Sneaker Gun Fire Deuce Avenue Musidisc
2:57am Cazzadio   all assalto della societa spettacolare mercantile Il Tempo Della Locusta Black Plagve Productions
3:01am Zoviet France   Ring Accelerator,... A Flock of Rotations Red Rhino
3:16am Burial   Shadow Paradise Antidawn Hyperdub
3:26am PARC   Wave Iridescence Wave Iridescence 100% Silk
3:30am Thick Air   Neptunian Resonance Pillars of Creation Not Not Fun
3:34am Mika Vainio   Cesium Rontgen Sahko Recordings
3:46am Hali Palombo   Seven Hali Palombo Midwaste Tapes
3:43am Cosey Fanni Tutti   Dream Dinner Party Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and The Legendary Tapes Conspiracy International
3:50am Gilles Gobeil   Les Lointains Noirs Et Rouges Les Lointains Empreintes Digitales
4:01am Tanya Tagaq   Colonizer (Tundra Mix) Tongues Six Shooter Records
4:21am Sandor Valy & Julia Heeger   O Vis Aeternitatis -Eternity Sacred Songs Ektro Records
4:35am Jon Porras   Your Sleeping Ghost Orilla Oscura Immune Recordings
4:05am Pinkcourtesyphone   Alternatory (Alternation) Shouting At Nuance Helen Scarsdale Agency
4:14am Andrea Parkins   Two Rooms From The Memory Palace Two Rooms From The Memory Palace Infrequent Seams
4:50am Andrea Borghi   1 VHS Misanthropic Agenda
4:51am Daphne Oram   Lego Builds It Oramics Paradigm Discs
4:53am Oval   Track 4 Ovalcommers Thrill Jockey Records
4:57am Pauline Oliveros   Primordial Primordial / Lift Table of the Elements
5:10am Dax Pierson & Robert Horton   Winterlong Pablo Feldman Sun Riley Self Release
5:17am Mary Lattimore & Growing   Flowers In The Center Lane Sway Gainer Silver Current
5:24am Helm   Axis Axis Dais
5:35am Cassandra Jenkins   The Ramble (Morning, May 2021) Ramble (Morning & Night, 2021), The Ba Da Bing!
5:50am Ikue Mori   Dusk to Dawn (Toko Shinoda) Tracing the Magic Tzadik
5:57am Million Brazilians   Strange Oasis I (excerpt) Strange Oasis Nonlocal Research