Robert Emmett

Saturday 10 December 2022 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:00am Welcome Special Guest   Jesse Merlin
9:04am Omnimusic   Made in the USA
9:05am Klaus Nomi   Total Eclipse Urgh the Movie
9:12am Beyond the Gates   Opening Theme
9:19am Goblin   Tenefie Fishing
9:23am Bliss   You re Not going to die
9:25am Beyond the Gates   After Bliss
9:33am Wendy Carlos   Clockwork Orange = Country Lanes
9:42am James Horner   Search for Spock Disco
9:42am Ron Grainer   Dr Who
9:50am Nik Mono & Berry Sakharof   Dancing Barefoot
9:58am Les Miserable   June 6
9:58am Phantom of the Paradise   Life at Last
10:07am Omnimusic   Made in the USA fanfare
10:07am Butlers   Lost in Space
10:07am Psychotronix   Femininity
10:11am Psychotronix   Beginning of the End
10:16am Veronica Voss   Memories of Made of This
10:16am Psychotronix   Cherrios
10:18am The Dickies   Killer Klowns from Outer Space
10:34am Cool Secret Place   Drawbridge CA
10:34am Brent Spiner   It's a Sin To Tell a Lie
10:54am TV Mystery Theme   I Dream of Jeannie
10:54am Rob Zombie's Munsters   Themes
11:08am Psychotronix   Let's Go Out to the Lobby
11:08am Raymond Burr   Godzilla opening
11:09am Plan 9 from Outer Space   Main Theme
11:11am TV theme   Supercar
11:12am Steinway Pianola   Science Fiction Double Feature
11:18am Boris Bobby Pickett   Monster Mash
11:22am Psychotronix   Dragnet
11:24am Delta Rhythm Boys   Take the A Train
11:28am Joi Lansing   Web of Love
11:31am Psychotronix   Cocaine Fiends Trailers
11:32am Jane Morgan   Under Paris Skies
11:35am Ali Baba Trio   Patience and Fortitude
11:38am PSA   Step Outside
11:38am Lawrence Welk   Let it Snow
11:40am Psychotronix   Replace That Speaker
11:43am Partridge Family   I Think I Love You
11:48am Psychotronix   Scrappy goes to Mars
11:51am Scopitone   The Best is Let to Come
11:54am Trailer   Invisible Invaders
11:57am Psychotronix   Pal Razor
11:57am TV theme   Sea Hunt
11:57am TV Theme   My Favorite Martian