Monday 19 December 2022 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm The Stranglers   The Raven Raven, the United Artists Records
10:06pm Black Panties   Dreams of My Teeth Dirt from the Mop Total Punk Records
10:09pm Brainbombs   Wash in Blood Genius & Brutality... Blackjack
10:18pm Life Fucker   Endless Atttack Z Static Age Musik
10:20pm Gnaw Their Tongues   Genocidal Majesty Genocidal Majesty ConSouling Sounds
10:24pm Mystifier   My Gloat... (Intro) Wicca Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:35pm Goatlord   Distorted Birth Sodomize The Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:44pm HOGG   Steep Arahat Self release
10:47pm Gulch   Self Inflicted Mental Terror Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress Closed Casket Activities
10:55pm Mastiphal   Tesknota Czasow Minionych For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise For Victory Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:02pm Goatpenis   Oppressive Ferric Noise Anesthetic Vapor Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:06pm Deathstench   Transcending Void A*C*T*U*A*R*Y/Deathstench King of the Monsters
11:12pm Akitsa   Vers La Victoire Sang Nordique Hospital Productions
11:21pm Havohej   Final Hour of Christ Dethrone The Son of God Hells Headbangers
11:25pm Napalm Death   Adversarial / Copulating Snakes Apex Predator / Easy Meat Century Media
11:30pm Off!   Black Widow Group Free LSD Fat Possum Records
11:32pm Haare   The Black Egg Tantric Noise Influencing Machine
11:49pm Ekin Fil   Buried Again Dora Agora Helen Scarsdale Agency
11:53pm Blood Incantation   Io Timewave Zero Century Media
12:26am GBH   City Babys Revenge City Babys Revenge Important Records
12:30am Religious War   Green Bitch Reigning Chaos - Discography Puke N Vomit Records
12:32am Abkehr   IV In Blut Vendetta
12:40am Nihilum   The Only Way Out Dead and Forgotten Insikt
12:50am Exaltation   Exaltation Under Blind Reasoning Sentient Ruin Laboratories
12:52am Merciless Savagery   Clandestine Grave Demo 2020 Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:10am Ixtlahuac   Ilhuicamina Tekuyotl De La Yaotlachinoli Nuclear War Now! Product
1:10am Holocausto   War Metal Massacre War Metal Massacre Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:11am Gonkulator   Deveined Human Brain Gonkulator / Old Pagan Bestial Burst
1:13am God Is War   ISIS Anthem World Music Volume 1 Phage Tapes
1:20am Barghest   My Own Grave The Virtuous Purge Levee Dog Records
1:29am Necrosic   My Casket Drains Putrid Decimation Nuclear War Now! Productions
1:34am Helm   Tower Axis Dais
1:41am Glaciers   Pierced By The Sun Mirrored Through the Ancients Self Released
1:49am Hauras   Standing At The Entrance Chant For A Broken Chalice DECAYCAST RECORDS