Robert Emmett

Saturday 24 December 2022 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am David Shire   Night on Disco Mountain
9:07am Comm   The Great Gaaloo
9:08am A Christmas Story   Opening
9:13am Krampus   Carol of the (Hell's) Bells
9:16am Comm   Barbie's Dream House
9:17am David Arnold   Musketeer
9:20am Twilight Zone   Night of the Meek
9:24am Into the Woods   No One Is Alone
9:28am John Williams   Raiders of the Lost Ark - The Warehouse
9:29am Serbian Cast of Hair   Let the Sunshine In
9:32am Johnny Cash   Lionel Train Comm
9:32am Psychotronix   Hardrock Coco and Joe
9:36am Stan Freberg   Xmas
9:36am Top Secret   Surf Skeet Shooting
9:40am 5 Gs   The Man Who Sold the World
9:44am Alfred Newman   How the West was Won
9:48am Annie   A New Deal for Xmas
9:50am Eydie Gorme and Los Panchos   Blanca Navidad
9:55am Comm   Little Miss No Name
9:56am Danny Elfman   Scrooged
10:00am Trudbol   Chipmunk Song
10:01am Bob and Ray   Write if you get work
10:06am Nightmare before Xmas   Making Xmas
10:09am Psychotronix   Robot Commando
10:10am Jerry Goldsmith   Breakheart Pass
10:17am Bernard Herrmann   Christmas Carol - Marley's Ghost
10:18am Bernard Herrmann   Twilight Zone Walking Distance
10:19am Jimmy Boyd   I saw Mama Mambo with You Know Who
10:30am Cool Secret Place   Christmas Decorations in the Neighborhoods
10:30am Jerry Goldsmith   Chinatown
11:05am TV Mystery Theme   Wild Wild West
11:05am Bernard Herrmann   The Kentuckian
11:06am Meet me in St Louis   Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas
11:08am Mae Questal   All I Want YOU for Xmas
11:13am Danny Elfman   Edward Scissorhands
11:18am Christopher Lee   Silent Night
11:24am Rob Zombie's The Munsters   Oh my God He is Gorgeous
11:26am Comm   Jem's Rock Backstager
11:28am Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer   We're a couple of misfits
11:30am Santa Claus conquers the Martians   Hooray
11:31am Elvis Schoenberg Orchestral Surreal   Stompin the 5th
11:35am Kurt Kuenne   Smile
11:38am Mabel Scott   Boogie Woogie Santa
11:40am Bernard Herrmann   Jason and the Argonauts
11:41am Psychotronix   Santa in Animalland
11:46am TV Theme   Star Trek vs Simpsons
11:47am Kay Martin   I Know What you Want for Xmas
11:51am Daniel Pembarton   Desparate Romances
11:54am Bollywood   Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree
11:57am Comm   Charmin Chatty Cathy doll
11:58am Librace   Xmas Medley