Christless Eve

Saturday 24 December 2022 3:00pm to 3:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02pm Teachers AIDS  
3:38pm Hagor   The Shift of The Galaxy Ascending Demonic Spirits Nutzz Recordzz, The
3:39pm Lugubrum   Intro: Plaaggeesten De Zuivering / Unclean Skramasax Records
3:39pm Bathory   Massacre Under the Sign of the Black Mark Unoffocial
3:39pm Voces Mysticae   Putrid Veneration Ritum Nigrum Putridum Rat Cibum APOTT Records
3:39pm Old Forest   Death in the Cemetery Of Mists and Graves/The Kingdom of Darkness Amor Fati
3:39pm Golden Dawn   Sub Specie Aeternitas Art of Dreaming Napalm Records
3:39pm Der Blutharsch   untitled #5 Tributo a der Blutharsch New Era
3:39pm Gulguhk   Eaux noir et glacees Et flotteront les restes de ce monde lugubre Deathpox/Tour de Garde
3:39pm Arid   Enthrone My Corpse to the Putrefaction of Time and Flesh From Anthropophagic Waste Breeds a Writhing Mutagenesis Death Hymns
3:39pm Lugubre   Black War Destruction Chaoskult (Hymns of Destruction) Heidens Hart
3:39pm Der Blutharsch   untitled #6 Tributo a der Blutharsch New Era
3:39pm Winter Funeral   Fallen from Grace Mikalp Khis Bia Ozongon Zyklon-B
3:39pm Old Wainds   Through Icy Wilderness of the Forest Scalding Coldness Negative Existence
3:39pm Jerry Goldsmith   Ave Satani The Omen Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
3:39pm Grausamkeit   Within the Abyss Helveterich Fucking Armageddon Productions
3:39pm Kult Ofenzivy   Vyssi Smysl Symfonie Oceli Hexencave/Werewolf
3:39pm Misteltein   Ascending through Descending Divine. Desecrate. Complete. CD No Fashion
3:39pm Der Blutharsch   untitled #7 Tributo a der Blutharsch New Era
3:39pm Necroholocaust   Rise of Antichrist (Victory Command) Holocaustic Goat Metal Iron Bonehead
3:39pm Triumvir Foul   Urine of Abomination I Urine of Abomination Vrasubatlat / Invictus
3:39pm Goat Semen   Sodom Graves Demo 2003 Dunkelheit Produktionen
3:39pm Graveland   Through the Occult Veil In the Glare of Burning Churches Warheart
3:39pm Der Blutharsch   untitled #8 Tributo a der Blutharsch New Era
3:39pm Glass Coffin   Invert the Cross Blood of a Godless Moon Black Goat
3:39pm Akitsa   L'appel Du Front Misanthropique Aube de la Misanthropie Sadolust
3:39pm Pest Noire   La Fin Del Secle Folkfuck Folie De Profundis
3:39pm Nuit Noire   Night Wind Depths of Night: Collection of Early Demo Tapes Drakkar
3:39pm Folkstorm   II Sweden Cold Spring
3:39pm Jean-Louis Costes   Evil Is The Best Way to Good Plays Marquis De Sade Justine Populista
3:39pm Grim   Halation Lunatic House Underground Alliance
3:39pm Moonblood   In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon Moonblood Misanthrophia Discos
3:39pm Gloqke   Des Bouyaux pis des Peches Demo III Cursed Blood Records
3:39pm Bone Awl   Bone & Arrow An Obelisk Marks the Line Bone Awl Promo Tape
3:39pm Fanebarer   Morgenrod Den Forste Ild Nattetale
3:39pm Black Rock   Black Rock The Mighty Sacrifice Metal Throne Productions
3:39pm Der Blutharsch   untitled #1 When Did Wonderland End? Wir Kapitulieren Niemals
3:40pm Mordaehoth   untitled #2 Tributo a der Blutharsch New Era
3:40pm Iron Fist   Masstormention - Shocking Asian Massakre Fistial Destruction Embrace My Funeral Records
3:40pm Stress Angel   Exposure to a Disease Burning Church Stygian Black Hand
3:40pm Abigail   Endless Nightmare United Alkoholic Speed War Metal Infernal Kaos Productions
3:40pm Taekaury   Killing Racist Region of Underworld comp Fallen-Angels Productions
3:40pm Der Blutharsch   untitled #4 When Did Wonderland End? Wir Kapitulieren Niemals
3:40pm Masokismi   Ahneus/Ylpeys/Massaily Hapaellinen Siveysappi Bestial Burst
3:40pm Deathlike Silence   Rising Over the Mountain (Rehearsal 2016) Deathlike Silence GoatowaRex
3:40pm Pest   Tears of Hate Ad Se Ipsum Ketzer Records
3:40pm Teachers AIDS   - - -
The carnage continues...  
6:03pm Za Frumi   Dushatar Za Shum Ushatar Uglakh Tarki Records
6:08pm Cempopoloah   En El Obligo De La Luna... TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK Crepusculo Negro
6:21pm Nortt   Glemt Nortt / Xasthur Southern Lord Recordings
6:28pm The Lamp of Thoth   Dark World (Saint Vitus Cover) No Laughing Matter Buried By Time and Dust Records
6:37pm Ride For Revenge   Your Blood For His Glory Ageless Powers Arise Bestial Burst
6:41pm Nav   Omniscent, Indifferent and Solitary Halls of Death Forever Plagued Records
6:45pm Satanic Warmaster   Wolves of Blood and Iron LUX SATANAE (13 Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship) Hells Headbangers Records
6:53pm Ails   Bitter Past Unraveling, The Flenser
7:02pm God Is War   Public Service Announcement World Music Volume 1 Phage Tapes
7:17pm Black Witchery   Baphomet Throne Exaltation Upheaval of Satanic Might Osmose Productions
7:23pm Lord Time   A Black Hole At The End of The Tunnel Universal Consciousness
7:37pm Black Cilice   Darkness and Fog Transfixion of Spirits Iron Bonehead Productions
7:47pm Eyehategod   Flags and Cities Bound Eyehategod Century Media
7:55pm Marduk   Into the Crypts of Rays Obedience Regain Records
8:01pm Lluvia   I Premonicion De Guerra Fallen Empire
8:08pm Funerary Call   Throw Open The Gates of Devestation Damnation's Journey Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:11pm Perverted Ceremony   Malformed Procreation S/T Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:19pm Wold   Spiral Star Inversion Postsocial Profound Lore
8:23pm Cyril Shaps and The Atlas Theatre Company   Side 2 Beauty and The Beast Atlas Tale Spinners
8:32pm Controlled Death   Untitled (B4) Symphony for the Black Murder Urashima
8:38pm Dead Raven Choir   Czarne Oczy Cask Strength Black Metal Weird Forest Records
8:43pm Lingua Ignota   For I Am the Light (And Mine is the Only Way Now) All Bitches Die Profound Lore Records
8:51pm Drudkh   Summoning the Rain Autumn Aurora Season of Mist
9:01pm Withering Ghoul   )
9:01pm Wulkanaz   Forlama Tid Paralys Helter Skelter (Sweden)
9:06pm Abhorer   Heathendom Incarnate Oblation II:Abyssic Demonolatries Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:12pm Proclamation   Hellbound Triumph Advent of the Black Omen Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:15pm Arkha Sva   Emergence Hors De L'abime Mikama Isaro Mada Aphelion Productions
9:24pm Walknut   Midnight Forest Of The Runes Graveforests And Their Shadows Stellar Winter Records
9:28pm Beherit   Dawn of Satan's Millennium Oath of Black Blood, The Season of Mist
9:30pm Abigail   Blasphemy Night Final Damnation, The Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:37pm White Medal   Alone As Owt Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal Legion Blotan
9:42pm Anal Blasphemy   Foul Stench From The Crypt of Jesus Profane Fornication Hammer of Hate
9:52pm Vaal   Doodse Kilte Ondood Rehearsal New Era Productions
9:57pm Aura Noir   Angel Ripper Dreams Like Deserts Peaceville Records
10:00pm Urfaust   Die Kalte Teufelsfaust Geist Ist Teufel Terratur Possessions
10:07pm Mylingar   Nedstigningen Doda Sjalar Amor Fati Productions
10:10pm Wagner Odegard   Honadiwr Om Domedag Och De Femton Jartekn Klaxon Records
10:14pm Black Witchery   Into Damnation Eternal Evil Shall Prevail Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:18pm Demoncy   In Winter's Ancient Slumber Within The Sylvan Realms of Frost Sombre Records
10:25pm Tomhet   Breathing Self Destruction Caliginous Prison Tatt Records
10:30pm Vordr   The Usurper I Debumur Morti
10:34pm Archgoat   Dawn of The Black Light Whore of Bethlehem Debemur Morti
10:38pm Black Funeral   The Floating Blue Witchlight Vampyr-Throne of The Beast WWW.cryptiaproductions.com
10:42pm Winterblut   Unheil Uber Alles Von Den Pflichten Schones Zu Vernichten Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:49pm Xasthur   With Hate Freezing My Veins Suicide in Dark Serenity Bestial Onslaught
10:55pm Mystifier   Aleister Crowley and Ordo Templi Orientis Goetia Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:06pm Napalm Death   Suffer The Children Harmony Corruption Earache
11:08pm Necrot   Rather Be Dead Blood Offerings Tankcrimes
11:13pm Terrorizer   Fear Fof Napalm World Downfall Earache
11:16pm Six Brew Bantha   The Architect Intravenously Commodified SPHC
11:19pm Anal Cunt   Paverotti Evreyone Should Be Killed Earache
11:21pm Ulthar   Undying Spear Providence 20 Buck Spin
11:27pm Black Funeral   Sutekh(chaos) Az-i-Dahak Perverted Taste
11:32pm Impiety   Cuntblasphemy: Paganistic Bitchgoddess Dei-impalation Salve The Goat: Iblis Exelsi Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:37pm Burzum   My Journey to The Stars Burzum/Aske Back on Black
11:49pm Nuit Noire   In The Very Very Old Forest Inner Light Seed Stock Records
12:04am sleigheraura & minced minor
12:03am Alvin Lucier   Bird and Person Dyning Bird and Person Dyning Get Back
12:07am Ake Parmerud   Grooves Growl Empreintes Digitales
12:16am Dodge Jones Rage   Crying Spirits West Coast Power Outage II Charnel Music
12:17am SS/S   Siglo 1 Sicario De Dios Jealous God
12:28am Whourkr   Fatrubber Concrete Crucial Blast
12:33am Sailor Winters   Orisha Red At Morn Stickfigure Records
12:43am White Mice   White Mice Mouse of Mendes Oh No, Noise
12:51am Bethlehem   The Eleventh Commandment Dark Metal Red Stream
12:59am Ramleh   McCarthy Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985 Vinyl on Demand
1:03am God Is War   Apex 0.0 Apex Breathing Problem
1:16am 8 Hour Animal   Clever People Resigner Sentient Ruin Laboratories
1:26am Schloss Tegal   Cadaver Obedience Soul Extinguished, the Tegal Records
1:34am Brighter Death Now   Big Happy Family Kamikaze Kabaret Cold Meat Industry
1:41am Einsturzende Neubauten   Schwarz Strategies Against Architecture Mute Records
1:44am Nekrasov   and Then Seared That Heart Form of Thought From Beast, The Seige of Power
1:50am Miscreant   Muscular Stiffening Cadavers' Holding Knives Nefarious Activities
1:52am Bastard Noise   Throne Is Melting Throne Is Melting Helicopter
1:56am Burnt Skull   Uniform Sewer Birth 12XU (Austin, TX)
2:01am Todesstoss   Strom Der Augenblicke Hirngemeer I, Voidhanger Records
2:13am Body Without Organs   She-women of The SS Isis and Thoth Dark Entries
2:18am Gnaw Their Tongues   The Doctrine of Paranoid Seraphims Genocidal Majesty ConSouling Sounds
2:22am Bizarre Uproar   Mustat Saappaat Likainen Ehtoollinen Urashima
2:30am Ildjarn   Nocturnal Visions I (Nocturnal Massacre) Nocturnal Visions Northern Heritage
2:33am Agents of Satan   Cut Off My Dick Old Testament, The Intolerant Messiah
2:33am Plutocracy   Jailed By The Coin Civilized.......? Alimentary
2:35am Circuit Wound   The Scattering of Insects Civilized Stagnation Rural Isolation Project
2:39am Le Syndicat   Rectal Struggle - Surexite Broken Flag - A Retrospective 1982-1985 Vinyl on Demand
2:43am Henrik Rylander   Sonar Festival, 6/17/04 Possible Risk for Pulpal Reactions Mungaso
2:49am Aanal Beehemoth   Miserability Forest Paranoid, The Suffering Jesus
2:52am Morphea   In Your Room Morphea/Gut M.S.P.
2:54am Aad Sleck   Black Rope Aad Sleck Legion Blotan
2:56am Gromm   Time's Dust Upon Millstones of Eternity Happiness - It's When You Are Dead Blackmetal.Com
3:02am Varghkoghargasmal   Autumn Rain Drowned In Lakes Tumult
3:10am G.I.S.M.   Nuclear Armed Hogs Detestation & More Gomad
3:13am Master's Hammer   Piydem Spolu Do Betlema Slagry Osmose Productions
Whithering Ghoul  
3:15am MXLX   666 Quest / Zone Away At Time Temple Kinda Rad! Records
3:30am Gravkvade   Dodspsalm Grav|Aska Avantgarde Music
3:43am Vintlechkeit   Svartvinter Svartskogen, Svartvinter??.???.??. / Dodssted??.???.??.
3:51am Hulder   The Eternal Fanfare The Eternal Fanfare 20 Buck Spin
3:56am Lord Foul   False Messiah Killing Raping Burning / The Devils Advocate Dais
3:57am Nekrasov   Mountain Ash Form of Thought From Beast, The Seige of Power
4:04am Archgoat   Star of Darkness and Abyss Luciferian Crown, The Debemur Morti
4:07am Baxaxaxa   Walpurgis Dancers Catacomb Cult The Sinister Flame
4:10am Akatharsia   Within The Thrall Akatharsia Econo-Jam Records
4:14am MZ.412   Antra Helstraffet Svartmyrkr Cold Spring Records UK
4:20am Merciless Savagery   Clandestine Grave Demo 2020 Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:24am Acephalix   Abyssal Theothanatology 20 Buck Spin
4:28am Nausea   Sacrifice Extinction Profane Existence
4:32am Religious War   Blurred Vision Reigning Chaos - Discography Puke N Vomit Records
4:34am Koszmar   I Na Co? Wojenny LP Rust and Machine
4:41am Cold Storage   0 Fractures Rural Isolation Project
5:01am Sacrilege   A Violation Of Something Sacred Behind The Realms Of Madness Children Of The Revolution Records
5:07am Von   Satanic Blood Satanic Blood Angel NWN!P
5:09am Vordr   Fires Of Tradition II Obscure Abhorrence Productions
5:13am Aska   Dar Vanvett Gror Dar Vanvett Gror Unexploded Records
5:18am Faceless Entity   In Via Ad Nusquam II In Via Ad Nusquam Altare Productions
5:27am Mutiilation   Tears Of A Melancholic Vampire Vampires Of Black Imperial Blood Drakkar Productions
5:34am Demoncy   The Dawn of Eternal Damnation Joined In Darkness Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:45am Black Goat   Song of Dead Souls Black Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:49am Grausamkeit   Dance Of Unfreeing Ghosts Christenschmahung Darker Than Black
5:55am Lifelover   Nackskott Pulver Osmose Proctions
5:58am Bestial Summoning   The Birth of The Antichrist Dark War Has Begun, The New Era Productions
6:02am Worthless   Something That Never Was a Portrait of Mankind Noctis Productions
6:10am Graveland   Witches' Holocaust Carpathian Wolves Eternal Devils
6:18am Satanic Warmaster   ...Of The Night ...Of The Night No Colours Records
6:38am Dimhymn   Ceremony of The Devil Djavulens Tid Ar Kommen Turannum Records
6:47am Wagner Odegard   Hungerquarn Om Undergang Och De Tretton Jartekn Klaxon Records
6:52am Gog   Dragged By a Black Net Heavy Fierce Brightness
6:52am Crowley. Aleister   The Call of The Second Aethyr(Enochian) Voice of The Great Beast White Label
6:57am Havohej   Melancholike Kembatinan Premaster Hells Headbangers
7:06am Harassor   Nine of Swords Into Unknown Depths Dais
7:12am Walpurghunt   Majesty of the Hordes of Crimson Fire Obscure Black Dances Narbentage Produktionen
7:17am Bhleg   Vyss Odhin Nordvis Produktion
7:26am Conqueror   Bloodhammer War.Cult.Supremacy Nuclear War Now! Productions
7:31am Satanhartalt   Feondscipe Feondscipe Legion Blotan
7:55am Abysmal Lord   Gnashing of Teeth Storms of Unholy Black Mass Hells Headbangers Records
8:02am Antaeus   Bleeding Blasphemy Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan Osmosis Records
8:07am Jute Gyte   Death Old Ways Jeshimoth Entertainment
8:27am Demonologists   Rotting Sabbath S/t Prison Tatt Records
8:29am Afvallige   Op Het Scherpst Van De Snede Nevelveld Heidens Hart
8:32am Old Pagan   Burning Blaze Gonkulator / Old Pagan Bestial Burst
8:36am Blodfest   Lejreblot I Kamp Til Doden (Blodfest / Wolfslair) Deathrash Armageddon
8:39am Deny The Cross   Alpha Ghoul Alpha Ghoul Tankcrimes
8:40am Besatt   Czas Wilka Impia Symphonia Red Stream
8:47am Bone Awl   Light The Whore Almost Dead Man Klaxon Records
8:51am Bestial Putrefaction   Heretic Noose Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos Sentient Ruin Laboratories
8:51am Undergang   Indtorret Lig Aldrig I Livet Dark Descent Records
8:56am Krallice   Ground Prayer Go Be Forgotten
9:04am Knelt Rote   This Is Not From Without Celestial Gang
9:10am Ames Sanglantes   La chambre a gaz Le Cri Du Pendu Cipher Productions
9:20am Min Kniv   Untitled I Av Aske Terratur Possessions
9:26am Sump   Shivering To Death Old Ways To Pass Into Hell Legion Blotan
9:28am Dead Raven Choir   Favorite My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind Aurora Borealis
9:33am Kult Offenzivy   Neurodna Je V Teto Chvili Rec Tak Jsem Ji Prizval K Sobe New Era Productions
9:38am Bestial Raids   Kingdom Below Master Satan's Witchery Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:43am Goatlord   Underground Church Sodomize The Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
9:49am Frater Ximenes Is Dead   V / Outro Demo II Fragile Branch
10:01am Atavist  
10:01am Mastery   Blood Electric split with Skullflower Cold Spring Records
10:18am Procer Veneficus   With Blackstars Above The Cold Gloaming Students of Decay
10:21am Demonomancy   At The Great Gates to Black Doom Throne of Demonic Proselytism Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:25am Cerebral Rot   Excretion of Mortality Excretion of Mortality 20 Buck Spin
10:32am Carbonized   Recarbonized Swedish Death Metal Index Verlag
10:36am Diapsiquir   Annihilation! Pacta Daemoniarum/Crasse Hospital Productions
10:43am Necrot   Rebirth In Chaos Labyrinth, The Tankcrimes
10:47am Cthonica   IV:I: Nor the Deadliest Disease Shall Be Compared... Typhomanteia: Sacred Triarchy of Spiritual Putrefaction Sentient Ruin Laboratories
10:54am Proclamation   Messiah of Darkness and Impurity Messiah of Darkness and Impurity Nuclear War Now! Productions
10:57am Celtic Frost   Into the Crypts of Rays Morbid Tales Hymen Records
11:02am Tchornobog   I: The Vomiting Tchornobog Tchornobog I, Voidhanger Records
11:24am Gadget   Feed on Lies The Funeral March Relapse Records
11:24am Slayer   Altar of Sacrifice Reign in Blood Def Jam Recordings
11:27am Death   Within the Mind Spiritual Healing Combat Records
11:33am Primitive Man   Victim Caustic Relapse Records
11:40am Ignivomous   a Rotting Faith Condemned Contragenesis Nuclear War Now! Productions
11:46am Morbid Angel   Opening the Gates Gateways to Annihilation Earache
11:51am Hell   untitled #2 Hell Pesanta Urfolk
11:56am Tomb Mold   Infinite Resurrection Planetary Clairvoyance 20 Buck Spin
12:02pm Qrixkuor   Serpentine Susurrus - Mother's Abomination Poison Palinopsia Dark Descent Records
12:27pm Coffins   Sacrifice To Evil Spirit Mortuary In Darkness Kreation Records
12:36pm Ceremonial Bloodbath   Seven Wells Tides of Blood, The Sentient Ruin Laboratories
12:46pm Lvcifyre   Black Mass The Broken Seal Dark Descent Records
12:52pm Morbosidad   Abismo Sacrificame En Dolor Muerte De Cristo En Golgota Nuclear War Now! Productions
12:55pm Actuary   World In Shadows A*C*T*U*A*R*Y/Deathstench King of the Monsters
12:59pm Monument of Urns   Broken Broken PIAS
1:21pm Mortuous   Anguish and Insanity Through Wilderness Carbonized
1:25pm Pestilence   Subordinate to the Domination Malleus Maleficarum Roadrunner Records
1:29pm Rotting Christ   For a Voice Like Thunder Rituals Season of Mist
1:35pm Dodsfalla   Drunken Death Race Death Future Bad People
1:39pm Vastum   In Sickness and In Death Hole Below 20 Buck Spin
1:44pm Burnt Skull   Uniform Sewer Birth 12XU (Austin, TX)
1:47pm Final Conflict   Burial Service Ashes to Ashes Tacklebox Records
1:50pm Geld   L.O.W.A.G II Beyond The Floor Static Shock
1:53pm Kreator   Ripping Corpse Pleasure to Kill Combat Records
1:57pm Nucleus   Entity Entity Dark Descent Records
2:01pm Evoken   Embrace The Emptiness Quietus Dwell Records
2:16pm Baxaxaxa   Nocturnal Mass and Christ's Damnation Hellfire Nuclear War Now! Productions
2:19pm Morte Incandescente   O Fim Do Teu Ser Mons Veneris/Morte Incandescente Legion Blotan
2:26pm Butcher ABC   Nuclear Death North of Hell Obliteration Records
2:30pm Cult Graves   Ritual Suicide Strange Customs/ Demo 18 Godz Ov War
2:33pm Mystifier   The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R.) Wicca Nuclear War Now! Productions
2:38pm Hatred   Track 2 Hatred Ultra Eczema
2:44pm Ghast   Terrible Cemetery Terrible Cemetery Forgotten Wisdom
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