Teachers AIDS

Saturday 21 January 2023 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:03pm Vouivre   Serpente l'Ame Dechue Serpente l'Ame Dechue / Vepres en Phase Terminale Drakkar
3:11pm Malokarpaten   Kyho Besa Mi To Ta Stara Ohyzdna Striga Do Pohara Nalala Stridzie Dni Invictus Productions
3:16pm Fugitive   Raise the Dead (Bathory cover) Maniac Fugitive Release
3:21pm Dan Kurfirst   Peace In Arkinetics Neuma
3:22pm Ixtlahuac   Ilhuicamina Tekuyotl De La Yaotlachinoli Nuclear War Now! Product
3:26pm Glass Coffin   I am Satan's Sword Remnants of a Cold Dead World Crucial Blast
3:31pm Wo Fat   Orphans of the Singe The Singularity Ripple Music
3:31pm Vomitchapel   Blasfemia Damnatio Ad Bestias Analog Worship
3:35pm Vomitchapel   Rites of Inversion Damnatio Ad Bestias Analog Worship
3:36pm Goathex   Nuclear Hecatomb Goathex / Goatcorpse Red Door
3:41pm Goat Semen   Warfare Noise En Vivo En Lima Hell Soul Erazer Records
3:44pm Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup   Mean Old 'Frisco Blues That's All Right (Mama) The Fire Sessions Sunset Blvd.records
3:47pm Nav   Omniscent, Indifferent and Solitary Halls of Death Forever Plagued Records
3:52pm Ctenizidae   Thickening Of The Abyss ...Of Rotting Soil And Spine Nebular Carcoma
3:55pm Romus, Rent Life's Blood Ensemble   The Humming of Trees Side Three: New Work Edgetone Records
3:57pm Godsperm   Manipulating Wretched Purity Betraying the Idiot's God Extinctionist Records
4:02pm Cazzadio   decuplicazione delle spore Il Tempo Della Locusta Black Plagve Productions
4:06pm Doomstone   Sore of the Wicked Those Whom Satan Hath Joined Nosferatu
4:08pm Obituary   Centuries of Lies Inked in Blood Relapse / Gibtown
4:10pm Obscene   Deathless Demigod ...From Dead Horizon to Dead Horizon Blood Harvest
4:13pm Fleshcrawl   From the Dead to the Living Impurity Black Mark
4:17pm Jimmy Mazzy/Eli Newberger   Jelly Bean Blues Shake It Down Stomp Off Records
4:18pm Scolex   Black Pyramid Ritual Scolex / Mortuous Carbonized
4:23pm Imprecation   Reborn in Fire In Nomine Diaboli Dark Descent
4:29pm Beanfield   Tides (C's Movement #1 Carl Craig Remix) Freshly Composted Vol. 2 Compost
4:29pm Goatlord   Distorted Birth Sodomize The Goat Nuclear War Now! Productions
4:38pm Mortous   Desiccated Scolex / Mortuous Carbonized
4:46pm Ricky Ford   Ricky's Bossa The Wailing Sounds of Ricky Ford: Paul's Scene Whaling City Sound
4:46pm Exaltation   Iron Rebellion Under Blind Reasoning Sentient Ruin Laboratories
4:49pm Immolation   Higher Coward Close to a World Below Metal Blade
4:55pm Impiety   The Black Vomit Dominator Pulverised
4:55pm Cyess Afxzs   Daughters of Sons Americhasm Rural Isolation Project
5:02pm Enza   Rain lack of english characters title Zegema Beach
5:03pm Ill Repute   Turn the Guns Around What Happens Next Mystic Records
5:04pm G.A.Z.E.   Tomorrow's Sorrow Living the Life Young Guns 2
5:07pm Subhumans   Reason for Existence Big City Spiderleg Records
5:09pm Yambag   Lowlife Strength in Nightmares Convulse
5:13pm Martyrdod   Kollisionskurs Mellan Tva Varldar In Extremis Havoc
5:16pm Mock Execution   Apocalypse Now Killed by Mock Execution La Vida es un Mus Discos
5:20pm Napalm Death   Smash A Single Digit Apex Predator / Easy Meat Century Media
Napalm Death   Metaphorically Screw You Apex Predator / Easy Meat Century Media
5:23pm Unholy Grave   Fanaticism Fanaticism EP Self Produced
5:26pm Negative Standards   VII VI.VII.VIII.IX.X.XI Vendetta
5:34pm Ravenna   Nobody Knows The Struggle I've Been Through (Edit) A Benefit Compilation for Leslie Keffer No Part of It
5:37pm Black Mask   Warriors of the Night Warriors of the Night Underground Power Records
5:42pm Hell Fire   Reckoning Reckoning RideEasy
5:44pm Desolation Angels   Unsung Hero Desolation Angels Buried By Time and Dust Records
5:48pm Raptore   Devil Ascends Blackfire Dying Victims
5:51pm Sumerlands   Dreamkiller Dreamkiller Relapse
5:55pm Misery Engine   In Defeat Eyes of The State Aberrant Recordings
5:57pm Dokken   Lighting Strikes Under Lock and Key