Jay Omega

Tuesday 24 January 2023 2:00pm to 7:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:11pm Stoned Alive 3   Freak Valley Festival KFJC
2:13pm Motorowl   Spirtual Healing 2018
2:15pm Villagers of Ioannina City   Krasi 2016
2:21pm Mother Engine   Weihe-Leerlauf 2018
2:31pm Conan   Foehammer 2017
2:36pm My Baby   (unknown) 2018
2:42pm Om   Creamation Ghat I 2018
2:51pm Elephant Tree   Echoes 2017
3:00pm The Freaks   Chronic Abduction 2018
3:04pm Electric Moon   777 Live at Freak Valley Festival 2019 Rock Freaks Records
3:25pm The Egocentrics   Mystic Initiation 2013
3:38pm Black Bombaim   (untitled jam) 2018
3:46pm Orange Sunrise   Gimme Shelter Live at Freak Valley 2013 Lay Bare Recordings
3:54pm Giobia   This World Was Being Watched Closely Live Freak Rock Freaks Records
4:03pm Daily Thompson   Cosmic Cigar Live at Freak Valley 2022 Noisolution
4:15pm Space Debris   Into The No Stoner Area Freak Valley Festival - ARCHIVE Volume 5 Green-Brain-Breiklang
4:22pm Wo Fat   The Black Code Live Juju: Wo Fat at Freak Valley and Beyond Ripple Music
4:35pm King Buffalo   Repeater Live at Freak Valley 2019 Rock Freaks Records
4:49pm Pyramidal   Black Land Live at Freak Valley 2013 Lay Bare Recordings
4:58pm Monkey3   Birth of Venus - Through the Desert Live at Freak Valley Napalm Records
5:14pm Abrahma   Neptune of Sorrow 2013
5:22pm Oresund Space Collective   Freak Valley Jam Live at Freak Valley Festival 2014 (self release)
5:43pm Sacri Monti   Staggered In Lies 2018
5:47pm RoToR   Volllast 2016
5:59pm Monolord   The Bastard Sun I'm Staying Home Relapse Records
6:07pm Crippled Black Phoenix   Rise Up And Fight Destroy Freak Valley Rock Freaks Records
6:14pm King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard   Alter Me - Altered Beast 2017
6:28pm Colour Haze   Temple 2012
6:41pm Russian Circles   Mladek 2018