Teachers AIDS

Saturday 11 February 2023 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:02pm Cazzadio   serial mutilation maximum productivity Il Tempo Della Locusta Black Plagve Productions
3:05pm Ostras   Pranier Ostras / Pakosten ForbiddenSonority
3:10pm Akitsa   Vers La Victoire Sang Nordique Hospital Productions
3:15pm Nuclear Goatcult   Goatcult Attack Baphometic Vomit Genocide Nuclear Goatcult
Nuclear Goatcult   Abrahamic Scum Intoxication Baphometic Vomit Genocide Nuclear Goatcult
Nuclear Goatcult   Baphometic Vomit Genocide Baphometic Vomit Genocide Nuclear Goatcult
3:24pm Els A-Phonics   El Torcal Els A-Phonics And Friends Sleazy Records
3:26pm Khar Sulde   C-123s Spraying Agent Orange Using The Call Sign HADES The Black Banners Of Cosmic War (Second Battle Mix) BreathingProblem/Lekh&Ludmila
3:30pm Precipitation   Dawn Ritual Glass Horizon 100% Silk
3:33pm Muhammad P   Orient Malediction Heir Of Mental Degeneration ASRAR
3:42pm Drudkh   Summoning the Rain Autumn Aurora Season of Mist
3:42pm Electric Birds   Nightriders Gradations Mille Plateaux
3:45pm Gnieu   Act I: ... In The Infinite Scopes... In the Vortexes of Existence Awarness Werewolf Promotion/Hass Weg
Puca   Atlantean Battle Formation Demo Moonworshipper
3:52pm Ljain   Endasalmar Endasalmar Og Klofnar Tungur Signal Rex
3:58pm Bren't Lewiis Ensemble   Pouring Lava On Fish Toxic Beard BUFMS
4:03pm Morbid Angel   Piles of Little Arms Kingdoms Disdained Silver Lining
4:08pm Cartilage   Gurgitor Dialect of The Dead Self Released
4:08pm Maggot Colony   Sucked Me Dry Prepare to Be Colonized Burning Colony
4:11pm Deiquisitor   Humanoid Apotheoisis Extremely Rotten Productions
4:19pm Download   Omniman Microscopic Sub-Conscious Communications
4:22pm Witch Vomit   Purulent Burial Mound Abhorrent Rapture 20 Buck Spin
Malignant Altar   Channeling Impure Apparitions Realms Of Exquisite Morbidity Dark Descent
4:34pm Carnage   Blasphemics of The Flesh Dark Recollections Earache Records
4:39pm Negative Vortex   Chant for the Undertaker Tomb Absolute Caligari Records
4:47pm Cosey Fanni Tutti   Cornet Lament Delia Derbyshire: The Myths and The Legendary Tapes Conspiracy International
4:47pm Vukari   Despondent Omnes Nihil Vendetta
4:55pm Lvcifyre   Black Beneath the Sun The Broken Seal Dark Descent Records
5:00pm Witches Hammer   Inner Sanctum Stretching Into Infinity Nuclear War Now! Productions
5:03pm Pinkcourtesyphone   She Who Controls Shouting At Nuance Helen Scarsdale Agency
5:03pm Isotope   Not So Distant Isotope Carbonized
5:06pm Pobreza Mental   Assficia In Ira Veritas
5:09pm Tension Span   Human Scrapyard Future Died Yesterday, The Neurot Recordings
5:12pm Cadaver Eyes   No Afterthought Acquisition of Power Over Fire, The Heart & Crossbone
5:14pm Witch Hunt   By a Thread As Priorities Decay Profane Existence
Skulls   Dead in the Gutter Dress Up & Die Buy Our Records
5:21pm Final Bombs   Fear and Now
5:27pm Massacre   Pyhaa So Massacre Rock O Rama
5:28pm X.Y.R.   A1 The signals from the abyss Aquarealm Not Not Fun
5:31pm Crisis   Crank it Up Armed to the Teeth Shadown Kingdom
Scorpions   Peacemaker
5:43pm Cyperus   Judgement Day Metal Meltdown 3 Medusa Records
5:48pm Wolf   Speed On Ravenous Morbid Tales
5:54pm Black Rock   We Hide Undergorund The Mighty Sacrifice Metal Throne Productions
5:59pm Omen   Hammer Damage Hammer Damage Pure Steel Records