Brian Damage

Tuesday 21 February 2023 10:00pm to 2:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
10:00pm Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass   Spanish Flea
10:02pm Fear   Gimme Some Action Record, the Slash Records
10:02pm Starfish   This Town No Seattle Volume One Soul Jazz
10:05pm Vampire Lezbos   Stop Killing the Seals Vampire Lezbos Kornyfone
10:10pm Crucifix   Annihilation Dehumanization Kustomized
10:11pm Custard   I Love The Television
10:13pm Supergrass   Caught by the Fuzz
10:15pm Replacements   G D Job Live at Maxwell's Sire
10:17pm Pooh Sticks   Miss Me
10:21pm Greg Camp   Defektor
10:24pm Acetone   Germs
10:29pm The Primitives   Lazy
10:33pm Teenage Fanclub   Discolite Grand Prix
10:36pm Fountains of Wayne   Survival Car
10:38pm Fabulous   There's A Riot Goin' On
10:41pm Tom Verlaine   Breakin' In My Heart Tom Verlaine Elektra Records
10:49pm Frank Black and the Catholics   Do You Feel Bad About It? Frank Black and the Catholics
10:51pm Pearl Harbor & the Explosions   Drivin' Pearl Harbor & the Explosions Warner Bros.
10:55pm SVT   You Don't Rock No Regrets
11:00pm Times 5   Is Your Radio-Active 415 Music 415 Records
11:01pm The Mutants   Baby's No Good 415 Music 415 Records
11:03pm The Cramps   Voodoo Idol Psychedelic Jungle IRS Records
11:07pm Gun Club   Ghost on the Highway Fire of Love Ruby Records
11:12pm The Heartbreakers   One Track Mind L.A.M.F. Shanachie
11:15pm Muffs   Rock and Roll Girl Freedom of Choice Caroline/Blue Plate
11:17pm The Gymslips   Drink Problem Rocking with the Renees Abstract Sounds Ltd
11:19pm Overwhelming Colorfast   Sway
11:24pm Natural's Not In It   Everything Everything
11:28pm Nerves   One Way Ticket Nerves Offence
11:30pm R.Ring   Hug
11:33pm Matthew Sweet   Hombre Secreto
11:34pm Kristin Hersh   Wave of Mutilation
11:37pm Young Marble Giants   Salad Days Colossal Youth Rough Trade
11:39pm Wire   Ex Lion Tamer Pink Flag Harvest Records
11:41pm The Atlantics   Lonelyhearts D.I.Y.:Mass. Ave. Rhino Records
11:49pm The Velvet Underground   White Light / White Heat White Light / White Heat Polydor
11:52pm Los Olvidados   Listen to You Listen to This!!! Blue Tile Records
11:54pm SLORDER   Kryptonite
11:56pm The Professionals   The Magnificent I Didn't See It Coming Virgin Records
12:01am Alley Cats   Just An Alley Cat Escape From the Planet Earth MCA
12:05am The Ramones   Havana Affair Ramones Sire Records
12:07am Metal Ubain   Ghetto
12:09am Cheap Trick   Stiff Competition Heaven Tonight Epic Records
12:16am Tales of Terror   13 Tales of Terror CD Presents
12:18am Melvins   The Receiver and the Empire State
12:21am The Trouble Seekers   Unchanged
12:23am Minutemen   The Glory of Man Double Nickles SST Records
12:28am The Flys   The Gods of Basketball
12:32am Inflatable Boy Clams   I'm Sorry Subterranean
12:34am Guadalcanal Diary   Watusi Rodeo Walking In The Shadow of The Big Man Db Recs
12:40am Jason and the Scorchers   If Money Talks Lost and Found EMI
12:43am The Clash   Four Horsemen London Calling Epic Records
12:46am X   Blue Spark Under the Big Black Sun Elektra Records
12:48am Television   Venus Marquee Moon Elektra/Asylum
12:52am The Stooges   No Fun Stooges, the Elektra Records
12:57am Pixies   No. 13 Baby Doolittle Elektra/Asylum Records
1:01am Vandals   Pirate's Life Peace Thru Vandalism Epitaph Records
1:03am The Dils   Class War Class War Dionysus Records
1:05am Nip Drivers   Talk About Cars Oh Blessed Freak Show Enigma Records
1:06am All   Man-O-Steel Allroy's Revenge Cruz Records
1:08am Bash & Pop   On The Rocks
1:12am Benjamin Gibbard   Alcoholiday
1:18am Elastica   All-Nighter Elastica DGC
1:20am Didjits   Max Wedge Hey Judester Touch and Go Records
1:22am Tim Haldeman   a Song For Strangers Open Water as a Child Woolgathering Records
1:24am Mark Harris/John 3:16   Cold Like The Stars Procession Alrealon Musique
1:24am Hermanos Gutierrez   Los Chicos Tristes El Bueno Y El Malo Easy Eye Sound
1:26am The Hill   Blam Receiving Self Released
1:27am Hiram   Immersion Immersion Home & Garden Music
1:28am Hulder   Creature of Demonic Majesty Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry 20 Buck Spin
1:30am Inner Travels   Program 1: Babble & Forest Nature Spirit Inner Islands
1:31am It Is Dead   Interlude Hell Is Now Auris Apothecary
1:32am Early James   Racing To A Red Light Strange Time Easy Eye Sound
1:34am The John-Pauls   Same Dweller, Different Cave Bon Mots Aagoo Records
1:34am Bunk Johnson   St. Louis Blues "The King of The Blues" American Music
1:36am Carla Kihlstedt/Matthias Bossi/Shahzad Ismaily   In A Hotel Room Causing A Tiger Les Disques Victo
1:37am Knurl   Completion Of A Revolution Black Anathema Rural Isolation Project
1:38am Juraj Kojs   Face Forward - Through The Gentle Rain Imagine Neuma
1:40am Juraj Kojs   Florida Native Orchid DNA Sonified: Prosthechea Cochleata Orchid Music Neuma
1:40am Dan Kurfirst   Birth Beats 1 Arkinetics Neuma
1:41am The Living Sky   Cooling It Down Enter the Sky Home & Garden Music
1:42am Alex Lubet   Generation Songs in Time of Plague Neuma
1:43am Martha   Please Don't Take Me Back Please Don't Take Me Back Dirtnap Records
1:44am The Maytones   Serious Madness/Boat to Zion Burning Sounds
1:45am Jimmy Mazzy/Eli Newberger   Shake It Down Shake It Down Stomp Off Records
1:46am Timothy McAllister/Liz Ames   Lilac Tears Project Encore Vol. 1 Neuma
1:47am Merked   Crime and Consequences Murk Mob Enemy of the Goat
1:48am Midnight Dunes   Come on Home Midnight Dunes Self Released
1:50am Moe, Guro Skumsnes & Petit, Philippe   .. Moe, Guro Skumsnes & Petit, Philippe Public Eyesore
1:51am Sol Mogerman   Isis Chain of Life Self Released
1:51am Mona Demone   NO FL3SH S3RP3NT Ratskin Records
1:51am Monocube   Visiones V Substratum Malignant Records
1:53am Moonchild   Tell Him Feat. Lalan Hathaway Starfruit Tru Thoughts
1:54am Mo*Te   End Of Hot Tomorrow Regulate Body Temperature Rural Isolation Project
1:54am John Lemons Quartet   Ain't It The Truth Movements vol. 11 Tramp Records
1:55am Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica Quartet   Would You Like Bongos With That Fugue? Where Here Meets There Self Release
1:56am Nashenas   Way I Love My Beloved, The Life Is a Heavy Burden: Ghazals and Poetry From Afghanistan Strut
1:57am Niton   Asmant Cemento 3D Pulver Und Asche
1:58am Noertker's Moxie   Lotus Eaters Pantomime In Billville Edgetone Records
1:59am Yui Onodera and Celer   A Renewed Awareness of Home Generic City Two Acorns
1:59am Organisation   Tone Float Tone Float Inner Space