Wednesday 22 February 2023 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:05pm Terminal 23   Rod Mane Melting of Ice, The Inam Records
7:11pm Actuary   Concrete Outings Actuary / Gnaw Their Tongues Black Horizons
7:18pm Servile Sect   The Howling Abyss Realms of The Queen Ecstatic Peace!
7:20pm Worm   Invoking the Dragonmoon Bluenothing 20 Buck Spin
7:23pm Black Math Horseman   Black Math Horseman Black Math Horseman Profound Lore
7:30pm Dreadnought   Liminal Veil The Endless Profound Lore
7:39pm Chelsea Wolfe   Vex Hiss Spun Sargent House
7:42pm Vhorb   Stained Altar Adversary Primitive Temples
7:45pm Zombi   Thoughtforms 2020 Relapse Records
7:52pm Orthodox   Medea Axis Alone Records
8:02pm Vukari   Despondent Omnes Nihil Vendetta
8:07pm Distruster   Mary Bell (Child From Hell) World War Zero Phage Tapes
8:09pm Procer Veneficus   Everpale Mourn The Cold Gloaming Students of Decay
8:14pm Ctenizidae   Evil Crawls From The Sinew Of Decapitated Limbs ...Of Rotting Soil And Spine Nebular Carcoma
8:17pm Xibalba Itzaes   Itzam Cab Ain Katun Ah Dzam Poop Ek Guttural Records
8:23pm Nadja   Rue Labyrinthine Broken Spine
8:36pm Acephalix   Godheads Theothanatology 20 Buck Spin
8:39pm Merked   Crime and Consequences Murk Mob Enemy of the Goat
8:42pm Ignivomous   Blood & Mercury Hieroglossia Nuclear War Now! Productions
8:47pm Whoredom Rife   Thought And Memory Whoredom Rife Terratur Possessions
8:54pm Exaltation   Impious Massacre Under Blind Reasoning Sentient Ruin Laboratories
8:56pm Lvcifyre   Gods Await Us The Broken Seal Dark Descent Records
9:01pm Cortez   White Tiger Phantoms Language of Light/Cortez AntiClock Records
9:23pm Expo 70   Ancient Hawk Soul Takes Flight Where Does Your Mind Go? Immune
9:43pm Sunfear   Goodbye Octopus Dark Entries
9:49pm Kid Millions and Sauter, Jim   Falling Spider Safe & Sane Family Vineyard