Teachers AIDS

Saturday 4 March 2023 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
3:03pm Godsperm   Manipulating Wretched Purity Betraying the Idiot's God Extinctionist
3:09pm Ctenizidae   That Which Feeds Upon The Weakened Host ...Of Rotting Soil And Spine Nebular Carcoma
3:12pm Eris   Vampire 10 Years of Blasphemy and Sicknesses Formaldehyde
3:19pm Spindrift   MKULTRA Classic Soundtracks Vol. 3 Alternative Tentacles
3:21pm Sekhmet   Pohrebni Boure Bohemia-Moravia-Northemia Ravenheart/Aphelion
3:25pm Ceremonia Oscura   Trono de Blasfemia / Suenos Oscuros Ceremonia Oscura / Angnath Extinctionist
3:30pm Yui Onodera and Celer   An Imaginary Tale of Lost Vernacular Generic City Two Acorns
3:30pm Akitsa   Ode Au Temps Passe Sang Nordique Hospital Productions
3:37pm Eztlacuani   Ixiptla Inahualli Antiguas Fuerzas de lo Sagrado ASRAR and Aon
3:43pm Marblebog   Eneh's Descendants Csendhajnal - Silencedawn Turan
3:46pm Billy Mure   The Jitterbug Waltz Supersonic Guitars Vol II MGM Records
3:50pm Trha   halelher Trha / Seht Canti Erecici
4:03pm Procer Veneficus   Subcurrents The Cold Gloaming Students of Decay
4:05pm Desultory   Depression Into Eternity Hymen Records
4:08pm Cattle Decapitation   We Eat Our Young Terrasite Metal Blade
4:11pm Pungent Strength   Daddy Cruel Death Is Just the Beginning 2 Relapse Records
4:15pm Negative Vortex   ..of broken dreams Tomb Absolute Sentient Ruin
4:22pm Dylan Ward   Angelus Novus Tourmaline Neuma
4:24pm Dismember   When Hatred Killed the Light Death Metal Nuclear Blast
4:28pm Deranged   Black Semen Vengeance Rated X Helter Skelter
4:33pm Kliff Pilchard   Missingtoe and Whine V/VM Christmas Pudding, The V/Vm Test Records
4:33pm Apocryphon   Hidden Altars Dead in the Bay PIAS
4:39pm Meticulous Butchery   Bludgeoned Sentience Induced Seretonergic Despoliation Night Rhythms Recordings
4:47pm Data Valdeez   Piggy Cut Den Bathroom Vanities Bell-Power
4:47pm Master   Cut Through the Filth Death Is Just the Beginning 2 Relapse Records
4:50pm Nighnacht   Asking to be Killed Asking to be Killed Morbid and Miserable Records
4:52pm Phobia   Get Up and Kill Get Up and Kill! Deep Six
4:53pm Mortuous   The Eternal Return (2012) Among The Lost/ Mors Immortalis Carbonized
4:57pm Lvcifyre   Black Mass The Broken Seal Dark Descent Records
5:02pm Abrupt   Symptoms of Rage Dead in the Bay PIAS
5:06pm Merked   It's Over Murk Mob Enemy of the Goat
5:07pm Decry   Sonic Reducer Falling Toxic Shock
5:11pm Inferno Personale   Preparatevi Al Peggio In Ira Veritas Symphony of Destruction
5:12pm Pesd   Who's That? Politikarepoizonekurvae Trujaca Fala
5:19pm Juraj Kojs   Florida Native Orchid DNA Sonified: Epidendrum Magnoliae Orchid Music Neuma
5:19pm Tension Span   Filaments Future Died Yesterday, The Neurot Recordings
5:25pm Genocide Express   Genocide Express Cleanse the Bacteria Pushead
5:27pm Systema   Futuro Negro Ultima Guerra Symphony of Destruction
5:29pm Pobreza Mental   Tormenta Ya No Me Pertenezco Toxic State
5:37pm Precipitation   Yuzawa Experience Glass Horizon 100% Silk
5:38pm Warlord   Winter Tears Best of Warlord Metal Blade
5:41pm Saber   Speed Racer Strike Of The Witch Church Recordings
5:43pm Sandstorm   Hymn to the Hell Nights Time to Strike d
5:50pm Tygers of Pan Tang   Edge of the World
5:55pm Collin J Rae/Red Gnein Sextet   Trapan Pandemia Neuma
5:57pm Chastain   Voice of the Cult Voice of the Cult Shadow Kingdom