Robert Emmett

Saturday 15 April 2023 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:01am Art Crimes   Welcome Patron of the Arts
9:03am Magical Mystery Tour   Magical Mystery Tour
9:05am Magical Mystery Tour   Jessie's Dream
9:07am Magical Mystery Tour   Aerial Tour
9:09am Magical Mystery Tour   I Am the Walrus
9:13am Magical Mystery Tour   I am the Orchestra Walrus
9:24am Yellow Submarine   She Can Talk to Me
9:25am Yellow Submarine   Hey Bulldog
9:28am Yellow Submarine   March of the Meanies
9:31am Yellow Submarine   Yellow Submarine
9:33am Yellow Submarine   It's All Too Much
9:46am Let it Be   Let it Be
9:51am Let it Be   Don't Let Me Down
9:54am Let it Be   For you blue
9:57am Let it Be   I've Got a Feeling
10:02am Let it Be   Get Back
10:08am Magical Mystery Tour   All You Need is Love
10:12am Danny Elfman   Planet of the ApesG
10:17am Psychotronix   I'm a Ghost
10:17am Christophe Beck   Ant Man
10:29am Cool Secret Place   Bourbon and Branch
10:29am TV Theme   Freaks and Geeks
10:55am TV Mystery Theme   Car 54 Where are You?
10:55am Trevor Jones   Dark Crystal
11:05am Bob and Ray   Up in the Morning with Winch
11:08am The Dellwoods   It's a Gas Mad Grooves Rhino Records
11:13am Dean Jones   Herbie the Love Bug TV theme
11:14am Sammy Davis   My Mother the Car
11:16am Trailer   Crawling Thing
11:17am Schimadoon   Do We Shock You
11:19am Psychotronix   RCA Color TV
11:21am TV Theme   Banana Splits
11:24am Hoyt Curtin   Jonny Quest
11:26am Comm   Boris for VWs
11:26am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Wind on the Water
11:27am Fiddler on the Roof   Matchmaker Matchmaker
11:32am Elmer Bernstein   National Geographic Specials
11:34am Comm   Think Different
11:35am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR In My Life
11:37am Vangelis   Hymn
11:40am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR In Dark Trees
11:41am TV Theme   Hawaii 5-0
11:48am Johnny Rivers   Secret Agent Man
11:48am Trailer   Some People
11:55am TV Theme   Suspense
11:55am Wynn Murray   Blow Gabriel Blow
11:56am TV Theme   Wanda Vision
11:56am TV Theme   WGBH
11:56am TV Theme   It Takes a Thief
11:59am T V Theme   Tom Terrific
12:00pm tv dtheme   MTV