Max Level

Wednesday 10 May 2023 7:00pm to 11:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:03pm Examining Drekka   Mayhem Special
7:03pm Drekka   Without Revelation There is No Love
7:06pm Drekka   Like Yesterday A Guide for Beginners 1996-2020
7:17pm Drekka   Ghost House EVP A Compilation Collection 2021-25
7:22pm MKL Drekka   Interview
7:22pm Drekka   Broken VCR A Compilation Collection 2006-10
7:25pm Drekka   Still Sweet There is No Silence Left
7:31pm Drekka Soundsystem   Spartan Dub There is No Silence Left
7:41pm MKL Drekka   Interview
7:42pm Drekka   Song of Reunion 1 Songs of Reunion
7:59pm MKL Drekka   Interview
8:08pm Drekka   Live at the Luggage Store 4/19/23
8:41pm Drekka   Instrumental 3 No Tracks in the Snow
8:47pm MKL Drekka   Interview
8:53pm Drekka   Unbeknownst to the Partipants At Hand - Section II Unbeknownst to the Partcipants at Hand
9:00pm Drekka/Mark Trecka   Pattern Excerpt Sleep Patterns of the Discontent
9:12pm Drekka   L2+S=? A Guide For Beginners 1996-2020
9:19pm MKL Drekka   Interview
9:28pm Drekka   Call to Prayer Lathe Cut Square 8" Auris Apothecary
9:37pm Drekka   A Locked Groove Optigan Worship Auris Apothecary
9:41pm Drekka   Psalm 99 (100) Extractioning Bluesanct Muzak Recording
9:48pm MKL Drekka   Interview
9:53pm Drekka   Someday I Will Be Called Upon Regarding Matters of Tone Collected Works, Vol. 1
9:59pm MKL Drekka   Interview
10:02pm Drekka   Playback Demos
10:10pm Drekka + Onewayness   And We Will Drink the New Wine (excerpt) A Compilation Collection 2021-25
10:32pm MKL Drekka   Interview
10:36pm Drekka + REMST8   Lissajous remix 7"
10:48pm MKL Drekka   Interview
10:48pm Drekka   We Who Are Not Lonely No Tracks in the Snow