Robert Emmett

Saturday 13 May 2023 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Zacherley   Coolest Little Monster Spook Along With Zacherley Collector's Choice Music
9:04am Ennio Morricone   Good, Bad, and Ugly
9:07am David Arnold   Stepford Wives
9:12am Psychotronix   Shake Hands with Danger
9:15am Joanne Campbell   Mother Please I'd rather do it Myself
9:17am Elvis Schoenberg's Orchestre Surreal   Stompin Fifth
9:22am Sammy Davis   My Mother the Car
9:24am Basil Pouledoris   It's Been a Crazy Day Serial Mom MCA
9:27am Trailer   Mother Goose a Go Go
9:29am Plan 9 from Outer Space   Main theme
9:31am Trailer   What's So Bad About Feeling Good
9:34am Cliff Martinez   Contagion
9:36am Psychotronix   1959 Renault Dauphine
9:38am Wynn Murray   Blow Gabriel Blow
9:43am Elmer Bernstein   Magnificent 7
9:49am Trailer   Day of Fury
9:49am Sons of Hercules   Main Theme
9:53am Henry Jackman   Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter
9:57am Flip the Frog   Theme
9:57am Drawn Out Drama   Dod Doors
9:59am Godzilla vs Mothra   Main Theme
10:01am Bob and Ray   Blimmix
10:04am TV Theme   Dan August
10:08am The Butlers   Perry Mason
10:15am Alan Silvestri   Volcano
10:16am Psychotronix   Pepsi Pours it On
10:18am Joi Lansing   Web of Love
10:27am Cool Secret Place   Electronics Flea Market at West Valley College
10:27am Max Steiner   King Kong
10:29am Psychotronix   Hot and Happy
10:48am TV Mystery Theme   Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
10:48am John Barry   Howard the Duck
10:48am Tom Jones   DucK Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century
10:57am The Blob   Beware the Blob
11:02am Tarantula   Look out!
11:05am John Stanley   Interview
11:32am Bernard Herrmann   On Dangerous Ground
11:32am Miklos Rozsa   Thief of Bagdad
11:36am Psychotronix   Don't Know What You're Doing
11:45am TV Theme   How I Met Your Mother
11:45am Mr Blackwell   Whatever Happen to Women
11:48am Psychotronix   Hot time in old town tonight
11:49am TV theme   Fireball XL 5 in French
11:55am Boz   Carry on Screaming
11:56am Donnie and Marie   Boogie on