Robert Emmett

Saturday 20 May 2023 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:03am Akira (soundtrack)   Kaneda Akira Jvc Musical Industries
9:05am Autobahn   Golden Age of Video
9:09am Elmer Bernstein   The Great Escape
9:17am Johnny Williams   Checkmate - Isolated Pawn
9:17am Trailer   Background to Danger
9:21am Dave Grusin   Mullholland Falls
9:26am The Strength of The Righteous   Morricone, Ennio Untouchables, The A&M Records
9:30am Vic Mizzy   TV Movie Sherlock Holmes (night walker)
9:30am Danny Elfman   Dead Presidents
9:34am Danny Elfman   Goosebumps
9:37am Trevor Jones   Dark City - No More Mr Quick
9:43am Laurence Rosenthal   Meteor
9:46am Jerry Goldsmith   General Electric Presents - Sarah's Laughter
9:49am Alan Menken   Lincoln - Gettysburg Address
9:58am John Williams   Lincoln - The People's House
9:58am TV Theme   The Queen's Gambit
9:59am TV Theme   Ironsides
10:00am Bob and Ray   Jack Headstrong
10:04am Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day   Brother Can You Spare a Dime
10:07am TV theme   Mission Impossible
10:12am TV Theme   MTV
10:14am Bollywood   Tarzan visits Bombay
10:18am French Dispatch   Inseguimento al Taxi
10:29am Cool Secret Place   Aftel Archive of Curious Scents
10:29am Roger Roger   Grands Travaux
10:43am TV Mystery Theme   Unsolved Mysteries
10:43am John Barry   Chaplin
11:00am Jerry Goldsmith   Universal Logo music
11:03am Nan Wynn   Brazil
11:06am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Just One Kiss
11:11am Drawn Out Drama   Dod July 12
11:11am TV Theme   Return of the Man from UNCLE
11:14am Christopher Young   Virtuosity
11:19am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Slow Ride
11:22am Ann Castle   Go Get the Shotgun Grandpa
11:25am PSA   Don't Cross the Street in the Middle of the Block
11:31am Jerry Goldsmith   River Wild
11:31am Bowling for Soup   Phibeas and Ferb Today is going be a Great Day
11:32am Industrial Musicals   Hot Seat
11:34am Bernard Herrmann   On Dangerous Ground William Stromberg Cond
11:42am John Barry   The Whisperers
11:46am Johnny Weisner   Peacock (NBC in color theme)
11:46am Jim Backus   Back on Broadway
11:48am The Producers   Opening Night
11:56am TV theme   The Flintstones
11:56am Steve Allen   DJ Song
11:57am TV theme   Simpsons