Wednesday 31 May 2023 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
7:02pm Pylon   Four Minutes Chomp More DFA Records
7:08pm Rambutan   Like a Parallelogram Remember Me Now Kendra Steiner Editions
7:13pm Sleep On The Sidewalk   Waking In The Sun Morning Birds / In The Water Mesmer Detector
7:19pm Lucidbeaming   Phiju Critters LCDBMG
7:25pm Subarachnoid Space   Hunter Seeker Eight Bells Crucial Blast
7:38pm Dave Phillips   Cicada Trance Should a Seeker... / Cicada Trance No Part of It
7:41pm And So I Watch You From Afar   Set Guitars to Kill And So I Watch You From Afar/ The Letters EP Sargent House
7:47pm Gospel   and Redemption Fills The Emptiest of Hearts Moon Is a Dead World, The Level Plane
7:50pm Sightless Pit   Lockstep Bloodwar Lockstep Bloodwar Thrill Jockey Records
7:55pm Middian   The Celebrant Age Eternal Metal Blade Records
8:01pm Tomb Mold   (Regions of Sorrow) Intro/Demon Ruins The Bottomless Perdition Blood Harvest
8:08pm Caustic Wound   Visions of Torture Death Posture Profound Lore
8:13pm Cerebral Rot   Spewing Purulence Excretion of Mortality 20 Buck Spin
8:18pm Nucleus   Timechasm Entity Dark Descent Records
8:24pm Khanate   To Be Cruel To Be Cruel Sacred Bones Recordings
8:45pm Uranium   Prison of Flesh An Exacting Punishment Sentient Ruin Laboratories
8:54pm Cryptae   Glubroneous Decrepit Collection Sentient Ruin Laboratories
8:59pm Anatomia   Total Darkness Anatomia/Undergang Me Saco Un Ojo Records
9:12pm Ulthar   Assymetric Warfare Cosmovore 20 Buck Spin
9:18pm Occelensbrigg   Under a Polar Sun Frostbitten Cleansing Harvest of Death
9:24pm Deathgrave   Lonely Streets It's Only Midnight Tank Crimes
9:27pm Mortuous   Bitterness Through Wilderness Carbonized
9:30pm Clavicvla   Dead Bishop Degeneracy of The 5th Density Sentient Ruin Laboratories
9:35pm Holy Fawn   Dimensional Bleed Dimensional Bleed Wax Bodega
9:38pm Aldebaran   Astoroth From Forgotten Tombs Kreation Records
9:42pm Abysmal Growls of Despair   Sentir Le Poids Des Montagnes Et Trouver La Paix... Sentir Le Poids Des Montagnes Et Trouver La Paix... Blue Tapes