Robert Emmett

Saturday 3 June 2023 9:00am to 12:00pm
Time Artist/Title Album Label
9:02am Herbert Stothart   Wizard of Oz
9:05am Julie Andrews   The Lusty Month of May Camelot Columbia
9:08am TV theme   Stingray
9:09am George Clinton   Codename The Cleaner
9:14am Tatjana Iwanow   Hallo, Dolly! Hallo, Dolly! (German) Columbia
9:19am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR I'm in Love with a German Film Star
9:20am Petula Clark   Downtown in German
9:24am TV Theme   Mr Ed in German
9:28am Miklos Rosza   The Killers
9:31am Bernard Herrmann   North by Northwest
9:36am Trailer   Spellbound
9:37am Patrick Doyle   Dead Again
9:45am Tangerine Dream   Darkness Legend MCA Records
9:48am Drawn Out Drama   Dod July 18
9:50am TV Theme   Invaders end theme
9:53am Carter Burwell   Hamlet
9:57am Miff Mole   Feeling No Pain
9:59am TV Theme   ABC Movie of the Week
10:00am Bob and Ray   Squad Car 119
10:03am Heinz Roemhold   Monster that Challenged the World
10:05am Brian Tyler   Battle: LA
10:07am John Williams   Jaws
10:09am TV theme   Man from UNCLE
10:12am Jimmie Dodd   Let's Have fun with Music
10:15am Quincy Jones & Sally Kellerman   Harold Robbins: The Adventurers Coming and Going
10:20am Private Lifes of Adam and Eve   Main Theme
10:20am Mundell Lowe   Everything you wanted to know about sex
10:30am Cool Secret Place   Thornburg Village in Berkeley
10:30am Hillbillies in a Haunted House   Main Theme
10:53am TV Theme   PBS Newshour MacNeill & Lehrer Newshour
10:53am Herbert Stothart   Wizard of Oz
11:02am Bernard Herrmann   Citizen Kane
11:06am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Slow Ride
11:06am Happytime Murders   Main Theme
11:08am Psychotronix   Intermission time
11:09am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR John Henry
11:09am Hummie Mann   Dracula Dead and Loving It
11:14am The Centurions   Intoxica Pink Flamingos Beautamous Loaf International
11:15am WandaVision   It was Agatha All Along
11:16am TV Theme   What we do in the Dark
11:18am Jerry Goldsmith   Night Crossing - Final Flight
11:26am Cinequest   Hundreds of Beavers
11:30am John Williams   Meet the Press
11:32am CBS Sunday Morning   Main Theme
11:33am TV theme   20th Century
11:33am TV Theme   West Wing
11:34am Rachel Portman   Cider House Rules
11:37am Boris Karloff   Trailer Mondo Bolardo
11:39am Attention Deficit Rock   ADR Free as a Bird
11:40am Mark Doyle   Perry Mason rock
11:43am Muppet Movie (soundtrack)   Rainbow Connection Soundtrack Atlantic
11:47am I want say a beatnik poem   poetry
11:49am Green Day   Simpsons TV Theme
11:52am TV Theme   8bit Scooby Doo
11:54am TV Theme   New Mighty Mouse Show
11:54am TV Theme   New Breed
11:57am John Cassevettes   Johnny Staccato
11:57am TV theme   Naked City
11:57am TVtheme   Suspense
11:58am TV Theme   Stranger Things