Ms. Conduct

Thursday 31 August 2023 2:00am to 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
2:00am Farhang Sharif   (2) Bayat-e Tork Century of Tar 2, a Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art
2:14am Hauras   When The Work Is Done The Gyre Katuktu Collective
2:19am Tim Hecker   Pulse Depression No Highs Kranky
2:23am Bitter Moon and After 5:08   Pretty In The Dark Berliner Kinder Blau Blau Records
Stefana Fratila   Saturn I Want to Leave This Earth Behind Not Not Fun Records
2:26am Christian Fennesz & Jim O'Rourke   Wouldn't Wanna Be Swept Away It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry Editions Mego
2:49am Idaho Joe   Mermaid Song Sirening the Tide Pools Lost Discoveries
2:58am Jessica Moss   Uncanny Being [Violin Study #2] Galaxy Heart Constellation
3:02am Vidna Obmana   Exhaust Dark Crown Memories Compiled 1 Relic
3:11am Hanged Up   Sink Kicker in Tow Constellation
3:14am Mono No Aware   It's Over (Hypnoskull Remix) Mujoo Hands
3:20am Mono No Aware   Impulse Responce Mujoo Hands
3:26am Siobhan   Untitled Track 4 Mind Court Nostilevo
3:32am Strategy   Daydream Space Graffiti Graffiti In Space Constellation Tatsu
3:42am Michael Claus   Surface Refraction Lavender Palace 100% Silk
3:48am Hidhawk/Mike Meanstreetz/Mike Glover   III nettnettradio no1 Fundraiser Edition nett nett radio
3:56am Dopplereffekt   Neuroplasticity Neurotelepathy Leisure System Records
4:00am Phoxii   Life Eating Death Feeding Life Eating, Death Feeding Fukdup
4:06am Mu-Ziq   Lime Aero 1977 Balmat
4:17am Loscil/Lawrence English   Black Colours of Air Kranky
4:25am Not Breathing   3breathe0aether3 Starry Wisdom, The Invisible
4:35am Hoshina Anniversary   Dareka No Rettoukan Wo Nomikomu HakkyouShisou Constellation Tatsu
4:36am Living Room   FRITH ATARI CONCRETE PARTY PART 110 Hang Onto the Gold Jim Rural Isolation Project
4:40am Aki Onda   Koln (2012) Nam June's Spirit Was Speaking to Me Recital
4:47am Raja Kirik   Rampokan II Rampokan Nyege Nyege Tapes
4:52am Cyberplasm   Autogenesis Autogenesis Iron Lung Records
5:00am The Science Fiction Corporation   Murder In The Space Station Science Fiction Dance Party Finders Keepers Records
5:00am DJ Panthr   Midnight Mind Jade District 100% Silk
5:05am Tape Hiss   Mono No Aware Ephemeral Beauty Love Notes
5:19am Leonard, Cheryl E. and Wobbly   Icicle Tracking Multiple Park Gilgongo Records
5:40am Howard Stelzer   The Flemish Giants The Flemish Giants Love Earth Music
5:41am William Basinski   Silent Night Silent Night 2062
5:48am Howard Stelzer   The Flemish Giants The Flemish Giants Love Earth Music