Edison Einstein rebroadcast

Wednesday 6 September 2023 6:00am to 10:00am
Rebroadcast from Thursday 12 December 2013 6:00am
Time Artist/Title Album Label
6:01am T V Theme   Peabody's Impossible History Toon Tunes Rhino Entertainment Co.
6:01am Moloney, O'donnell, Egan   Mckeown and I 3 Way Street Green Linnet
6:06am Meshuga Nutcracker   The Story of The Meshuganutcracker, Part 1 Original Cast Guggenheim Entertainment
6:14am Iron Reagan   Drop The Gun Worse Than Dead A389 Recordings
6:15am Clouds   Napalm USB Islands Ramp Recordings
6:23am Hunters   It's True Hunters Mom + Pop
6:25am Athanor   Graveyard Flashback Guerssen
6:30am El Mahdy Jr   Phantomatic Spirit of Fucked Up Places, The
6:34am The Lloyd Pack   Interstellar Static At Home With The Lloyd Pack L'esprit De L'escalier
6:43am Larsen + Z'ev   In V.tro [The Aural Mix] 5 In V.tro Important Records
6:50am Richard Earl   The Grass Heart Egg Store Ilk, the Pinetree Records
6:55am Oxygen Destroyer   4 Skate and Distort Oxygen Destroyer
6:57am Maarja Nuut   Miia Polka / Sormusemang Soolo Sluchaj Uchem
7:04am Greg Ashley   I Left a Woman Waiting Death of a Ladies Man Guitars & Bongos
7:06am Raw Geronimo   Lose My Mind Dream Fever Neurotic Yell Records
7:13am Darto   Highrise In Difference Echolalic Records
7:22am Aditi Tahiti   5 minutes on solaris Time Canvas, The Majmua Music
7:27am Haco   Bugfield 3 Stereo Bugscope 00 Improvised Music Fr Japan
7:33am Earth   German Dental Work Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-capsular Extraction, a Southern Lord Recordings
7:42am Quilt   Gome Home Quilt Mexican Summer
7:46am Uchihashi/Coleman   3 Storobo Imp. False Walls
7:52am Iao Core   Part I 03 Armadillidium Vulgare Vinyl Communications
8:02am Juan Pablo Caceres   Lo Tenido Orquestra Garrapata Discos
8:13am Pere Ubu   Non-Alignment Pact 360 Degrees of Simulated Stero Unknown Label
8:17am Malditos   Burning Eyes S/T Self Released
8:25am Mauricio Kagel   A Deux Mains Solowerke Fur Akkordeon Und... Winter & Winter
8:36am Circuit Des Yeux   Bud & Gin Overdue Ba Da Bing
8:46am Circus Devils   Wizard My Mind Has Seen The White Trick Happy Jack Rock Records
8:52am The Slaves   Sweet High Ocean On Ocean Helen Scarsdale Agency
9:00am Tough Age   I Waste to Too Much Timeon Myself Tough Age Mint Records Inc.
9:03am Tiny Colbert and His Entertainers   I Wish You Felt The Way I Do Wanderer's Swing: Texas Dance Hall Music Krazy Kat
9:06am The Living Earth Show   You Broke It, You Bought It High Art Innova/American Composers
9:16am 303 Committee   Damascene Conquest Inam Records
9:23am Babardah   Rathi Babardah Abzu Recordings
9:30am Rachel's   Family Portrait Music for Egon Schiele Quarterstick Records
9:35am Oblivians/Mr. Quintron   Final Stretch ...Play 9 Songs With... Crypt Records
9:40am Whoridas   Get Lifted High Times Tvt Records
9:44am Nurt   Holograficzne Widmo S/T Sound By Sound
9:50am Lawrence Axelrod   Andante Moderato Six Brandenburg Fantasias, The Innova/American Composers
9:57am Fela Kuti   Eko Ile Open & Close/Afrodisiac Wrasse Records